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Polyester non-woven needle felt

Polyester non-woven needle felt
  • Polyester non-woven needle felt
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Polyester normal temperature needled felt adopts non-weaving needled technology production. Void is distributed with uniformity, after treatment of hot roll, singeing or coating on the surface of Polyester staple fiber, terylene twist yarn needled felt, the surface is neat and smooth. It is not prone to be blocked by dust and the filter materials have high voids, superior venting performance, versatility, and better chemical durability. Not only normal temperature is filtered, but also water, oil and etchant gas containing acid and base has been filtered. It is the ideal filter materials under normal temperature working conditions in the field of liquid solid separation.

Product namePolyester normal temperature needled felt
Materialpolyester staple fiber, terylene twist yarn
Weight g/ m2500

Thickness mm

Working temperature ( instantaneous ) 150
Working temperature ( long range ) 80-130
Rupture strength ( warp direction ) 1200N/ 5*20cm
Rupture strength (weft direction ) 1400N/ 5*20cm
Acid resistancegreat
Alkali resistancegood
Ventilation property m3/m2.min10-16
Post treatment mode singeingcalendering, tectorial membrane and waterproof