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Water-proof and oil-proof needled felt

Water-proof and oil-proof needled felt
  • Water-proof and oil-proof needled felt
  • Water-proof and oil-proof needled felt
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During the functioning of bag dust collector, because powder dust contains a relatively high amount of water and there is powder dust with the features of oil, moister-absorption and easy deliquescence, it is likely that water film will form on the surface of powder dust so as to improve its ability of attachment. Obviously, this is helpful for powder dust collection. However, it also poses difficulty for ash removal, especially when gas with high temperature is in the state of high moisture, condensation phenomenon will arise because of the cooling of external gas. As a result, the collected powder dust will scale on the surface of filtration media to cause blockage, and also influence the normal operation of dust-removal equipment. Water-proof& Oil-proof Acupuncture Felt can effectively prevent the attachment of infiltration of water and different kinds of oil filth. Compared with ordinary filtration media, it possesses the quality of oil-proof, as well as adhesion resistance and easy separation.

Product name anti-wateroil proof needled felt
Materialpolyester staple fiber,terylene twist yarn
Weight g/ m2
Thickness mm
Working temperature ( instantaneous ) 150
Working temperature ( long range ) ≤130
Rupture strength ( warp direction ) 1200N/ 5*20cm
Rupture strength ( weft direction ) 1400N/ 5*20cm
Acid resistance is goodgreat
Alkali resistance is goodgood
Ventilation property m3/m2.min10-16
Post treatment mode singeingcalendaring, impregnation, drying, tectorial membrane and waterproof