P84-polyimade needle felt\Filter bags

P84-polyimade needle felt\Filter bags

Product description:

1. P84/ Polyimade needle felt is made of polyimide fiber byneedling craft. It has remarkable

high temperature endurance and acid, alkali resistance. It possesses advantages of anti-chemistry property. P84 fiber is efficient in collecting micro grain and little differential pressure.

It can be continuously used in asphalt factory, cement, waste incinerator, fluid boiler.
and coal-burning boiler etc.

2. Specifications of P84/ polyimade filter bag and needle felt:
composition Polyimade fiber
weight (gsm) 500±10
thickness (mm) 2.1~2.5
Air permeability (m3/ m2/ min 12~19
breaking strength (N/ 5*20cm warp 700 weft 1200
breaking elongation (%) warp (35 weft (55
continuous working temperature (℃) ≤260
instant working temperature (℃) 280
acid resistance excellent
alkali resistance moderate
abrasion resistance excellent
finish treatment heat setting, dippinging, singing/ Teflon coating

3. Remarks: The quotation is for per square meter.

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