Supply SYV75-5 RG6 cable video surveillance | coaxial

Supply SYV75-5 RG6 cable video surveillance | coaxial

Product description:

Material shape: Circle Line Sheath material: Quality pvc raw materials
The largest diameter wire: 6.0 (mm) model: SYV-75Ω
Brand: Rich Voltaire certified product: CE
Custom processing: It is Insulation thickness: 3.0 (mm)
Number of cores: Single

SYV Series Solid PE insulated PVC sheathed coaxial cable


Surveillance video transmission, radio communications and electronic devices employing similar techniques used in the RF cable. Welcome to inquire!


• Implementation of standards GB / T14864-1993 and An Puxing Lee Industrial Enterprise Standard

• Stranded conductor with a single copper wire or stranded round

• Insulation Solid polyethylene.

• plastic composite film shield

• Soft round copper braid shield

• Sheath PVC PVC

• suitable for use under conditions of -20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

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