Supply integrated video cable SYV75-3-4-5, power line monitoring line + 2c

Supply integrated video cable SYV75-3-4-5, power line monitoring line + 2c

Product description:

Material shape: Circle Line Sheath material: PVC
The largest diameter wire: 7.0 (mm) model: SYWV75-3-4-5
Brand: Rich Voltaire certified product: CCC certification
Custom processing: It is Insulation thickness: 4.8 (mm)
Number of cores: 1

Product Features: 1, this product is oxygen-free copper conductor density within the core 280P + foil double shield 3 preparation, marking meter to ensure no loss meters

Product Description: This product has excellent high-frequency performance, low attenuation, impedance uniformity, flexibility, small bending radius, etc., to meet the broadband frequency, advanced integrated information network requires a high rate for home and professional security engineering installation.

A purpose
Suitable for radio communications, radio frequency (video) signal common TV antenna, closed-circuit monitoring system, high frequency, broadcast and related electronic equipment to transmit.
Two conditions
Humidity: -40 ℃ ~~ + 65 ℃
Relative humidity: + 40 ℃ humidity up to 98% when
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