Manufacturers supply 75-575-375-4 coaxial cables | coaxial cable Monitor | GB monitor line

Manufacturers supply 75-575-375-4 coaxial cables | coaxial cable Monitor | GB monitor line

Product description:

Material shape: Circle Line Tensile Strength: Super
Sheath material: PVC The largest diameter wire: 1 (mm)
Custom processing: It is Colour: black
model: 75-3 Brand: Rich Voltaire
certified product: ROSH certification package: Wood shaft packing carton package
He added: OEM Insulation thickness: 0.02 (mm)
Number of cores: Single strand

SYV: Solid PE insulated PVC sheathed RF coaxial cable

Conductor: bare copper wire Φ

Insulation: Solid polyethylene (PE) Φ

Sheath: polyoxyethylene (PVC) Black Φ

Netting Code: Code copper / copper clad aluminum wire 32 / / 48 / / 64 / / 96 / / 128 / / 144

Highest temperature: SYV-60 ~ 75 ℃

Wiring radio communications, public antenna, closed-circuit television monitoring system, transmission system and unidirectional control system or high frequency of machine: Scope

Attenuation and shielding performance: knitting density and shield layers, or the use of aluminum longitudinally, is proportional tubes and other shielded manner.


Line humid regions should use moisture ointment laying cables to prevent moisture intrusion, netting shield to prevent oxidation choose color jacket heat climate: high temperatures perennial area, outdoor laying white jacket material should be selected, to improve the cable surface reflection of sunlight, can be relatively improved cable meter body temperature, beneficial to the state and the life of the cable.

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