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Shenzhen | Longgang | Phone curve, flat telephone line | 4P4C.1.5 m gray

Shenzhen | Longgang | Phone curve, flat telephone line | 4P4C.1.5 m gray
  • Shenzhen | Longgang | Phone curve, flat telephone line | 4P4C.1.5 m gray
Product code: 25034000001
Unit price: 0.5-0.52 CNY
Reference price: 0.08-0.08 USD
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Compressive strength: Pressure (N) (N) Storage temperature: -20_75 (℃) (℃)
Colour: White black gray colors can be customized model: BC CCA CCS
Scope: Internet, phone, fax Brand: Rich Voltaire
tensile strength: 1000 (N) (N) package: PE film rolls neutral carton packaging
Operating temperature: -20_75 (℃) (℃) He added: OEM

Telephone line / telephone jumper

1. Number of cores: 2-wire / 4-wire

2. Conductor material: copper clad aluminum CCA / Copper Clad Steel CCS / Copper COPPER

3. sheath material: PE / PVC

Five, six UTP network cable, single shielded, double shielded, flame-retardant material set optional network cable: copper clad aluminum (CCA), copper-clad steel (CCS), copper copper, oxygen-free bare copper wire ( OFC). RJ45 jumper 2-pin 4-pin 6-pin round flat telephone cable, outdoor water blocking cable, red and black wire (speaker wire), coaxial cable through FLUKE test engineering specifications according to customer requirements, to undertake OEM order form

This is a company specializing in the production-oriented enterprises! Mainly produce various kinds of high-end interior (Outside) Network lines, unshielded, single shielded, double shielded, CAT5 / CAT5E / CAT6, too FLUKE-4300 test network cable. (With anaerobic Copper copper clad silver equivalent transmission distance over 100 meters long distance cable break limitations stable Internet 180-200 (hot in)), a large number of communications cables, network jumper, coaxial cable, telephone lines, AVVR (alarm line). VGA. (RVB) Red and black horizontal line. (RVS) Flower line, crystal head, etc. can be specified using all kinds of high quality PVC demands. Factories have passed CE, environmental certification, you are welcome to negotiate.

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Company Name Shenzhen Fu Er Tai Cable Co., Ltd.

The company referred to the rich cable companies shuertai

Company Type Private

Production and processing business model

Shenzhen area of ​​Guangdong Province

Main products coaxial cable network telephone lines computer interface

Industry communications, telecommunications communication cable

Company Registered 2011

Registered capital 500,000 yuan (RMB)

Registered Longcheng Street, Longgang District, Center City Hongji Garden three Building B, 801

Zhao are the legal representative

Plant area More than 5000 m2

Number of employees 51-100 people

The number of R & D section 5-10 people

Per month 80,000 boxes

Annual turnover 50,000,000 -1 one hundred million yuan

Annual exports 10 million -5000 ten thousand yuan

Management System Certification ISO9001 American UL standard certification, CE certification, the international environmental ROHS certification

Internal quality control

The main markets in East China Central China South China Southwest Region Northwest Region Northeast North China Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions overseas markets

The main customer base of foreign trade companies at home and abroad dealers

Whether to provide OEM processing is

URL http: //www.cn-fet.com

Company Profile

Shenzhen Fu Er Tai Cable Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and distributor of high-tech enterprises in major cities. Company, founded in In 2005, the factory area of ​​3000 square meters, over the years the company by virtue of first-class team, first-class talents, first-class technology, first-class product quality, first-class reputation, first-class professionalism to provide users with first-class service, has won domestic and international customers . The recognition and commended the company's main products are large logarithmic communication cables: five, super-five and six unshielded, single shielded, double shielded, outdoor water blocking cable, single strand, multi-strand, network jumper, telephone. line, RVB (red and black lines), VGA, coaxial cable, crystal head, modules, panels, patch panels, etc. of high, medium and low-grade products.

Companies with advanced technology, a sound system, high-quality products, has passed the quality management system ISO9001 certification, UL standard certification, CE certification, the international environmental ROHS certification, and many times as' product service business customer satisfaction 'and' quality testing stability of qualified products "and other honors. Products sold in Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, for schools, telecommunications, airports, hospitals, businesses, governments, banks, buildings, office buildings, high-rise buildings, public places, the electronic market dealers, domestic and foreign customers attention and recognition.

Companies in strict accordance ISO9001: 2000 quality management system for standardized production and management, which emphasizes the image of the factory site management norms, cleanliness; stressed that scientific and rational management of the production process; emphasis on product quality management and continuous improvement process management; emphasis on training of staff and the quality and skills Improve quality staff, advanced technology, scientific management, excellent quality and perfect after-sale service, we have won high praise from industry colleagues as well as evaluation and users of the trust and support of the company will always abide by: quality order survival, development plans in good faith 'business objectives, while adhering to' energy saving 'concept of the environment, and create industry quality brand manufacturers together to achieve win-win double income. At the same time, rich Voltaire cable' will be high-quality products, reasonable prices, dedicated service to the Quartet customers!

Telephone line Product Features
It has good flexibility and elasticity (extension length of up to the original length of the spring 3-4 times). Good cold resistance, flame resistance, oil resistance and abrasion resistance. Can produce various kinds of spiral spring line according to the requirements of different occasions.
Conductor structure: single shares or glued bare copper wire (or tinned copper wire)
Insulation: it can only use polyethylene oxide, polyethylene, polyethylene or called linked polyethylene, in order to meet the requirements of different occasions.
Sheath material: Usually only flame-retardant polyurethane elastomer material PU material
Working temperature: according to customer requirements, cold -65 Degrees; temperature of 180 degrees or less
Production: standard section: 0.03 to 4 square meters (special specifications according to customer requirements).
Electric diameter cores: 1 ~ 37 core (special specifications according to customer requirements).
Spring Length: according to customer needs.
Special Note: The company selected raw materials are rigorously screened, conductor performing a national standard.

Shenzhen Fu Er Tai Cable Chen's blog

http: //blog.sina.com.cn/ u / 3788533180

The factory specializing in the export processing: round flat 2-wire 4-wire phone cord, RJ45 8P8C by FLUKKE test jumpers, UTP FTP network cable, outdoor water blocking cable shield wire, according to customer requirements, to undertake OEM orders, welcomed the guests to call negotiations.

Two core telephone line

1. Conductor: 28AWG / / 26AWG / / 24AWG (0.4MM / / 0.45MM / / 0.5mm) CU CCS CCA

2. Insulation (PE) Thickness: 0.20-0.25mm (two cores as thick 0.33-0.35mm)

3. Sheath (PVC) Thickness: 0.45-0.60mm

Four core telephone line

1. Conductor: 28AWG / / 26AWG / / 24AWG (0.4MM / / 0.45MM / / 0.5mm) CU CCS CCA

2. Insulation (PE) Thickness: 0.20-0.25mm (two cores as thick 0.33-0.35mm)

3. Sheath (PVC) Thickness: 0.45-0.60mm

And supply telephone line (telephone curve, 4P4C. 1.5 米 gray) (homegrown) the relevant product information
Telephone line manufacturers outdoor four-core telephone line telephone line telephone line telecommunications indoor telephone line telephone line telephone line flat price rj11 black telephone line telephone line telephone line project

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Suppliers Information

5th Year
Shenzhen Fu Er Tai Cable Co., Ltd.
Number of Products: 266
Zhao are to contact me
Business model: Manufacturer
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Area: Longgang District
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