Supply | Copper | 0.75 square | red and black wire

Supply | Copper | 0.75 square | red and black wire

Product description:

Sheath material: PVC model: RVB
Wire core material: Bare copper wire use: Household wiring cabling works the power cord Audio cable
Brand: OEM certified product: ROHS
Custom processing: It is

(product description)
Copper core PVC insulated parallel flexible wire connection
1, this product is high quality oxygen-free copper conductors, good material, easily oxidized.
2, mainly used in a variety of household appliances, mechanical equipment, power tools, building intercom, surveillance equipment and other equipment to transmit signals
Or the power supply.
3, product quality in full compliance with IEC, GB standards, products have received national certification mandatory CCC. According to customer needs production.

Copper core PVC insulated parallel flexible wire connection 227IEC42 (RVB)
Executive Standard: GB5023.5-1997 Nominal voltage: 300 / 300V

Number of parties: party
Party calculation: Conductor diameter / 2 * 3.14 * root number
Root number: the number of parties divided by the diameter divided by the diameter divided by 3.14
Packaging: 100 meters or 200 meters per roll

RVB two-core parallel lines

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