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4P4C phone manufacturers supply a flat jumper | 4-wire phone curve

4P4C phone manufacturers supply a flat jumper | 4-wire phone curve
  • 4P4C phone manufacturers supply a flat jumper | 4-wire phone curve
Product code: 25033100001
Unit price: 0.21-0.22 CNY
Reference price: 0.03-0.04 USD
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Other info: Per piece
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Compressive strength: Pressure (N) (N) Storage temperature: -20_75 (℃) (℃)
Colour: Black white gray colors can be customized model: BC CCA CCS
Scope: Internet, phone, fax Brand: Rich Voltaire
test: ROSH certification tensile strength: 1000 (N) (N)
package: Neutral carton packaging Operating temperature: -20_75 (℃) (℃)

4-core copper telephone lines round


Flat telephone line: White Black Grey


=========== product description ===============

telephone line

1, length (1M, 1.5M, 2M.. 10M.. 50M.. 100M.. 200M) == length specifications according to the manufacturers to order production.

2, size (2-core, 4-core, 6-core, 8-core)

3, the inner core material (full copper material, copper clad steel wire material)

4, the outer skin material (PVC, ordinary PVC material)

5, the inner core properties (multi-strand copper wire or stranded whole copper coated steel wire)

6 colors (white, black, red, blue, gray and bright colors, gray, brown, silver, etc., in accordance with the customer to match the color palette)

Uses: Suitable for digital cabling system, connection analog communications devices, voice, phone, fax systems, weak closed-circuit surveillance, burglar alarm, building intercom system audio and video, control the transmission signal

Application: Indoor and outdoor telephone wiring

Description: Reference standard product YD / T 840 and Fu Yu wire and cable corporate standards

Single inner conductor annealed oxygen-free round copper

Polyoxyethylene insulation

Polyoxyethylene insulating sheath

Suitable for use at -40 ° C- + 60 ° C condition

Package Length: 200 meters / roll

Telephone line / telephone jumper

1. Number of cores: 2-wire / 4-wire

2. Conductor material: copper clad aluminum CCA / Copper Clad Steel CCS / Copper COPPER

3. sheath material: PE / PVC

Five, six UTP network cable, single shielded, double shielded, flame-retardant material set optional network cable: copper clad aluminum (CCA), copper-clad steel (CCS), copper copper, oxygen-free bare copper wire ( OFC). RJ45 jumper 2-pin 4-pin 6-pin round flat telephone cable, outdoor water blocking cable, red and black wire (speaker wire), coaxial cable through FLUKE test engineering specifications according to customer requirements, to undertake OEM order form

======= Company Profile ==========

This is a company specializing in the production-oriented enterprises! Mainly produce various kinds of high-end interior (Outside) Network lines, unshielded, single shielded, double shielded, CAT5 / CAT5E / CAT6, too FLUKE-4300 test network cable. (With anaerobic Copper copper clad silver equivalent transmission distance over 100 meters long distance cable break limitations stable Internet 180-200 (hot in)), a large number of communications cables, network jumper, coaxial cable, telephone lines, AVVR (alarm line). VGA. (RVB) Red and black horizontal line. (RVS) Flower line, crystal head, etc. can be specified using all kinds of high quality PVC demands. Factories have passed CE, environmental certification, you are welcome to negotiate.
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