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Makita flute tents set outdoors double double rainproof camping equipment aluminum pole tent cold mountain 2air tent

Product code: -25030000030
Unit price 127.52-400.12$
Sold quantity 1805
Available stock 804
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Product parameters:

  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Item No .: MZ0930061
  • Tent size: 2 people
  • Tent structure: double account
  • Construction: need to build
  • Adapt to the season: three quarterly account
  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Tent space structure: one bedroom
  • made in China
  • Inner tent material: 210T breathable polyester
  • Bottom material: 150D waterproof coating PU4000 polyester Oxford cloth, waterproof stickers
  • Outside the account material: 210T waterproof coating PU2000 polyester, waterproof stickers
  • External account Waterproof index: 2000mm (inclusive) -3000mm (inclusive)
  • Waterproof index at the end: more than 3000MM
  • The price range: 501-1000 yuan
  • Diameter of stent strut: 8.5
  • Bracket material: aluminum alloy
  • Brand: Mobi Garden / animal husbandry flute
  • Color Classification: pink blue watermelon red green red red color watermelon red color flute blue color flute purple color flute green color flute red blue tent Jiang snow 6 sets of 1 green tent Jiang snow 6 sets of 2 orange tent Jiang snow 6 sets of 4 Powder tent Jiang snow 6 sets of 3 sets of printing tents Jiang snow belt package 7 sets 3 orange tent Jiang snow belt package 7 sets of 4 green tent Jiang snow belt package 7 sets of 2 blue tent Jiang snow belt package 7 sets of 1 orange tent Zi Jin 6 set 4 powder tent Zijin 6 sets 3 green tent Zijin 6 sets 2 blue tent Zijin 6 sets 1 blue tent Zigzag bag with 7 sets of 1 green tent Zijin bag 7 sets of 2 Printing tents Zijin with a package of 7 sets of 3 orange tent Tengzi package with 7 sets of 4

Send a moisture pad, a mat, a beautiful poker

Details are as follows:

To nail11 Hexagonal ground nails, There is entrance hall , The two sides to increase the two nail points, more stable, more waterproof, four corners for the ALICE increased tying rope point, you can increase the wind rope, so that his wind better, the end of the waterproof enhancements, the color can be Selectivity is also more cost-effective;