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Outdoor network cable | copper 0.5mm | water blocking line | manufacturers supply)

Outdoor network cable | copper 0.5mm | water blocking line | manufacturers supply)
  • Outdoor network cable | copper 0.5mm | water blocking line | manufacturers supply)
Product code: 25029900001
Unit price: 410-415 CNY
Reference price: 59.6-60.32 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Compressive strength: Pressure model: 0.5 OFC unshielded
Storage temperature: -20-75 (℃) (℃) Scope: Outdoor wiring conduit wiring
Transmission rate: 10000 (Kpbs) (Kpbs) Brand: Rich Voltaire
tensile strength: Super (N) (N) Operating temperature: -20-75 (℃) (℃)

  • Conductor: bare copper wire (BC) solid core Φ0.50mm
  • Insulation: HDPE Φ0.93mm
  • Jacket: 1, flame retardant gray PVC, Φ6.0mm 2, black PE, Φ7.0mm
  • With single or multi-strand steel wire strengthen
  • Shield: longitudinal package aluminum foil + drain wire (Φ0.50mm tinned copper TC) |
  • YD / T 1019-2001
  • Digital communication horizontal twisted pair shielded cables used in building cabling system Workspace
    Communication between the patch panel wiring and the transfer between terminals, and residential cabling system
    The lead end user communication between the patch panel wiring, to meet the 100MHz data communication
    Can be used for outdoor wiring. Using shielding, the cable from the outside during transmission
    Interference errors. Applies to hospitals, between telecommunications, airports, high electromagnetic interference environment. Standard
    Quasi wiring length 90 m, using T568A or T568B wiring termination mode, terminals use with
    Shielding parts and grounded to ensure transmission channel link in the shielding. ANSI / TIA
    / EIA-568-B standard color coding color.

  • 155MbpsATM, 100MbpsTP-PMD, 100Mbps Ethernet (100BASE-T) and other
    Transfer rate up to 622Mbps of system applications.

  • 10Mbps Ethernet.

  • 4Mbps and 16Mbps token ring network.
  • 305 m / box

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Shenzhen Fu Er Tai Cable Co., Ltd., is a professional production of the cable manufacturers. The main products are unshielded, shielded single or double shielded five, over five, six network cable, patch cords, water blocking line cables, telephone lines, control lines, red and black power cord (RVB) // Flower line (RVS) sheathed cable (RVV.RVVP) wire and cable. crystal head, network tester, modules, panels, patch panels 24. 48. cable management arm, etc. have been through all kinds of network lines ISO9001, ROHS certification, CE,, over five and six network cable through FLUKE test. factory outlets, price concessions, can be adjusted according to your quantitative Welcome all customers to order consultation to discuss our strengths: our factory located in China's first cable production base in Jieyang City of Guangdong, the supply of raw materials above, we have a complete industrial chain, we have many years of supply of raw materials strategic partners, allows us to a discount on the purchase of raw materials prices, a strong advantage over other regions; secondly our factory in the suburbs, the annual rent costs, personnel costs can save a lot; again we have advanced a variety of production in the cable manufacturing industry device, which greatly improves production efficiency and product quality of our products, but also a significant reduction in our effective resources together, we can offer a price advantage in the industry sufficient competitive company will always abide by: quality of survival, development plans in good faith 'corporate purposes, to create industry quality brand manufacturers together to achieve win-win double income

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