Supply of quality steel molding FTP network cable, patch cords, steel crystal head

Supply of quality steel molding FTP network cable, patch cords, steel crystal head

Product description:

Compressive strength: Pressure Storage temperature: 75 (℃)
Colour: White Gray Black model: OEM
specification: FTP 24AWG STP 26AWG Scope: local area network
Brand: AMP Lanke Good News State News Transmission rate: 1000 (Kpbs)
package: Carton tensile strength: 90 (N)
Operating temperature: 60 (℃)

Conductor: Copper solid core Φ0.35mm

Insulation: HDPE Φ0.90mm

Sheath: Grey PVC, Φ5.14mm

The number of meters: 300 meters / box

Digital communication horizontal twisted pair cable standard wiring length 90 m

Multi-channel telephone line

Weak control circuit

Building intercom system

Technical Parameters:

Eight-core computer line, four pairs of twisted pair, five / UTP computer lines, speeds of up to 100 megabytes

Our professional production of network cabling: five categories; ultra-five; six; single shield; large shield; netting shield; outdoor water blocking cable; telephone lines; a plurality of strands; jumper; and so on.
We look forward to establishing long-term partnerships with dealers, contractors, foreign trade companies.
Our aim is: to stabilize the quality of preferential prices and to win customers to undertake OEM orders.

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