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Supply of five categories of unshielded stranded network cable 7*0.20mm stock)

Supply of five categories of unshielded stranded network cable 7*0.20mm stock)
  • Supply of five categories of unshielded stranded network cable 7*0.20mm stock)
Product code: 25026800001
Unit price: 92-98 CNY
Reference price: 13.38-14.25 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Compressive strength: Pressure resistance Model: UTP copper 7*0.2MM
Storage temperature: -20-70 (℃) Scope of application: Network engineering
Transfer rate: 1000 (Kpbs) Brand: Amp cooline
Tensile strength: Super (n) Service temperature: -20-70 (℃)

=== Product description ===

Network line including unshielded, shielded or double shielded UTP, five lines, six types of wire.

Shield: aluminium foil, woven + aluminum foil

Mesh: 32 NET 48 NET 64 NET, net 80, 96 nets, 112, nets, 128 network

Conductor material: brass, copper and aluminum, copper clad steel wire, copper clad aluminum magnesium

Conductor diameter: single unit: 0.40mm/0.45mm/0.50mm

Stock: 7*0.12mm/7*0.16mm/7*0.20mm

Insulation: PE

Sheath: PVC

Application: Internet cafes. Schools, businesses, Governments and banks. Buildings.

Origin: Guangdong Shenzhen

Packing: 305m/volume

=== Service ===

I plant to provide OEM Service according to customer requirements.

=== Buying notes ===

Prices subject to the copper price on the day. Quotation above is for reference only.

=== Main products ===

Shenzhen richer, cable, Ltd, is a professional manufacturer of wire and cable manufacturers. Main products are unshielded, shielded or shielded pair of five types, Super five, six network cables, network jumpers, drag line cables, telephone lines, monitor cable, power cords, wires and cables. VGA cable. Crystal head, network testers, modular, Panel, MDF 24. 48. cable management racks. each kind of network cable has passed ISO9001, ROHS certification, CE, and Super five and six types of network cables through a FLUKE test. Factory direct price, and can be adjusted depending on your quantity accordingly. Welcome customers to order consultation and negotiation.

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