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Supply of super five, six 24AWG 26AWG UTP RJ45 patch cords | molding lines

Supply of super five, six 24AWG 26AWG UTP RJ45 patch cords | molding lines
  • Supply of super five, six 24AWG 26AWG UTP RJ45 patch cords | molding lines
Product code: 25026400001
Unit price: 95-100 CNY
Reference price: 13.81-14.54 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Compressive strength: Pressure Storage temperature: -22-75 (℃)
Colour: White Black Grey model: News neutral state
Scope: Exports, government and banks. Buildings. Office Building Brand: State OEM News
Transmission rate: 1000 (Kpbs) package: Carton
tensile strength: Super (N) Operating temperature: -22-75 (℃)
He added: OEM

Detailed product information:
cat6e Core Whether the shield PVC length IMQ
copper 0.56mm / 0.5MM UTP / FTP / SFTP New material / old material 305 m / box 100 boxes
Copper clad aluminum 0.56mm / 0.5MM UTP / FTP / SFTP New material / old material 305 m / box 100 boxes
Product Details: Product life of 15 years.

Product Specifications

23AWG 24AWG environmental network cable (ROHS, UL, SGS, ISO / IEC 11801: 2002, ANSI / TIA / EIA 568B: 2002), the performance exceeds ANSI / TIA / EIA 568-A super five jumpers requirements, and meet the standards program, for over five requirements, with very low loss and high bandwidth cabling system is suitable for a wide range of use.

Manufacturer capacity: from low to produce a variety of high-end network wire, welcomed the letter to OEM.

Packing: Conventional packaging, carton 305 meters (1000FT)

Usage: network signal transmission using LAN cabling.

All kinds of network wire can be customized according to customer requirements, the company advanced production equipment, professional testing equipment, can produce all kinds of high and low wire and affordable.

Provide OEM service. Prices can be adjusted according to changes in raw material.

The pursuit of quality products, high-end positioning, competitive prices through UL, CSA, RoHS certification requirements ..

UL ISO9001 management system.

Free samples. Accept small orders.

Advantage Product: SFTP CAT 5E, FTP CAT6, SFTP CAT6, indoor lines using easy to pull box PULL BOX, outdoor water blocking line using wooden shaft packing 305 meters / shaft or 500 meters / shaft according to customer requirements using plastic shaft packing..

=== === Company Product Introduction

Shenzhen Fu Er Tai Cable Co., Ltd., is a professional production of high-end environmentally friendly low-energy cable manufacturers. Five ultra-five and six. Unshielded single shield. Double shielded outdoor water blocking cable. Single strand. More Shares Network jumper telephone lines. Audio line .RV (electronic wire), RVV (sheathed cable), RVVP (double shielded sheathed cable), AVVR (alarm line), RVB (red and black lines), VGA, with coaxial cable, crystal head, modules, panels, patch panels, etc. in. high-grade green products. high-quality products, we have passed the quality management system ISO9001, ISO14000 environmental management system certification, the US UL standard certification, CE certification, international environmental ROHS certification factory direct price concessions, can be adjusted according to your quantitative welcome buyers all over the intention to learn more about

Wire and cable products with greater relevance in raw material prices, product prices displayed for reference, please contact customer service consulting the purchase of goods and real-time sales price (purchase price of the price, whichever is confirmed by both parties); Freight handling (Whether including shipping and whether to send cargo door, etc.) and cargo invoice (Cape vote or value-added tax votes, etc.) Please contact customer service (Customer Service QQ: 2894476770), thank you!


Contact: 13530486511


Contact: 13530486511

Contact: Chen

QQ: 2894476770

Cable specification: a single strand: CAT5EUTP 24AWG 0.50MM



Stranded: CAT5E UTP 24AWG 7 * 0.20MM

CAT5E UTP 26AWG 7 * 0.16MM

CAT5E UTP 28AWG 7 * 0.12MM

Single Unit: CAT5ESTP 24AWG 0.50MM



Stranded: CAT5E STP 24AWG 7 * 0.20MM

CAT5E STP 26AWG 7 * 0.16MM

CAT5E STP 28AWG 7 * 0.12MM