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Supply CAT6 UTP STP FTP 24awg 0.50MM network cable | Jumper RJ45

Supply CAT6 UTP STP FTP 24awg 0.50MM network cable | Jumper RJ45
  • Supply CAT6 UTP STP FTP 24awg 0.50MM network cable | Jumper RJ45
Product code: 25025000001
Unit price: 530-535 CNY
Reference price: 77.04-77.76 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Compressive strength: Pressure Storage temperature: 10-70 (℃)
Colour: black White gray model: 7 * 0.12mm 7 * 0.20mm copper
Scope: network engineering Brand: Rich Voltaire
Transmission rate: 1000 (Kpbs) package: Neutral packing carton
tensile strength: Super (N) Operating temperature: 10-70 (℃)
He added: OEM

Six shielded patch cords

main feature:

- Meet EIA / TIA 568B standards

- The use of multi-strand soft jumper, resistance to bending, guarantee performance

- Having jumpers variety of colors, lengths, to facilitate a variety of system applications

- Line sequence is brown, white brown, green, white, blue, blue, white and green, orange, white orange

- With cross skeleton structure, provide better product performance

- Rated temperature: 75 ℃

Products used in network communications connection between the -

* Six shielded modular patch is made of multi-strand 24AWG cable, support T568B pin configuration;

* Crystal head gilded leaf surface to ensure a very good contact with the signal transmission performance;

* Shielded twisted-pair cable outer shield of an opaque aluminum foil wrap, reduced radiation

* Graded force principle lengthened jacket, slip tensile, bending radius guaranteed;

* Using Glue fabrication, wire sealed without oxidation;

* Provide different colors, jumper, the length of the cable management easier;

* 8-strand conductor, FRPVC jacket, cable soft and comfortable;

* Provide various lengths: 1m / 1.5m / 2m / 3m / 5m / 10m / 15m / 20m / 50m and a user-specified length, PVC jacket provides a variety of colors;

* Meet or exceed TIA / EIA-568-B standard, and passed the test FLUKE

Description: UTP: Unshielded STP / FTP: single shielded SFTP: Double shielded

The difference between single-strand cable with a multi-strand cable: single strand conductor is a single multi-strand cable is composed of a plurality or seven conductors conductor

Single shielded shielded cable can be either braided shield and foil shield can be.

Cable specification: a single strand: CAT6 UTP 24AWG 0.50MM



Stranded: CAT6 UTP 24AWG 7 * 0.20MM

CAT6 UTP 26AWG 7 * 0.16MM

CAT6 UTP 28AWG 7 * 0.12MM

Single Unit: CAT6 STP 24AWG 0.50MM



Stranded: CAT6 STP 24AWG 7 * 0.20MM

CAT6 STP 26AWG 7 * 0.16MM

CAT6 STP 28AWG 7 * 0.12MM

Single Unit: CAT6 SFTP 24AWG 0.50MM



Stranded: CAT6 SFTP 24AWG 7 * 0.20MM

CAT6 SFTP 26AWG 7 * 0.16MM

CAT6 SFTP 28AWG 7 * 0.12MM

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