Guangdong Shenzhen | Wire and home supply lines CCA CAT5ECAT6

Guangdong Shenzhen | Wire and home supply lines CCA CAT5ECAT6

Product description:

Brand News Pradesh, AMP Lanke, rich Altai, OEM price

product name CAT5E UTP network cable
Types of Indoor Network Cables
Unshielded advantage (1), unshielded jackets, small diameter, saving the space. (2), light weight, easy to bend, easy to install. (3), to eliminate or minimize crosstalk (4), independent and flexible resistance, suitable for structured cabling.
Conductor material Oxygen-free copper, copper clad aluminum, copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum magnesium
Conductor diameter 24AWG / 26AWG / 28AWG / Single Unit: 0.35 / 0.4 / 0.45 / 0.50mm stranded 7x0.12mm / 7x0.16mm / 7x0.20m also according to customer requirements
Cable order 568B: white orange, orange, white and green, blue, white, blue, green, white brown, brown
568A; green, white, green, orange and white, blue, blue, orange, brown and white, brown
Insulation; HDPE Diameter OD; 0.90mm-0.92mm
Cable diameter OD (Indoor) two pairs -OD;. 4.0mm (indoor) four pairs -OD 5.0-5.2mm.
Sheath Material LSZH (LSZH), environmental protection (ROHS), new materials, renewable materials
Anti-rope Nylon yarn
logarithm Two pairs, four pairs, 6 pairs, 8 pairs, 10 pairs of -25 对 50 pairs, 100 pairs, etc.
Colour Gray, blue, white, Baiji color or customer specified
Standard spray word (International) ISO / IEC 11801. (US) ANSI / EIA / TIA-568B. (China) YD / T1019-2001
Operating temperature-20℃±70℃
Packing 100m, 200m, 305m, 500m / box or according to customer requirement. Usually packed in 100m, 305m a box.
Domestic color box size 36 * 35.7 * 21.5cm Carton size Three cartons; 67 * 36 * 37.5cm
Four cartons; 73 * 37 * 44.5cm
Export within the box size 34.5 * 34.5 * 19.5cm Carton size Two cartons; 46 * 36.5 * 38cm
Three cartons; 61.5 * 35.8 * 36.5cm
product manual This product includes had FLUKE test, LSZH PVC, high-grade green PVC (ROHS, LSZH certification) and general category

20-foot container shipment of Box 1050

40-foot container loaded volume Box 2100

Shipment of 40-foot high cabinet Box 2400 -2500 Box

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