Rat Glue for Rat Traps Hot Melt Rat Adhesive

Rat Glue for Rat Traps Hot Melt Rat Adhesive

Product description:


Rat Glue:
1. Used for Mouse/ Insect Traps
2. Good melting property
3. Excellent adhesion
4. Good fluidity

Yuxiang hot melt adhesive is widely used to stick to the mouse trap, insect traps, fly trap etc, and all the products have passed a number of SGS international environmental monitoring and in line with the highest international environmental standards, for its outstanding performance and environmentally-friendly feature.

Product name: Rat Glue for Rat Traps Hot Melt Rat Adhesive

Having passed types of environmental testing including ROSH, 18 items of REACH and PASH, etc. This product is characterized by its complete environmentally-friendliness.


1. Recommended method: spraying coating or roller coating.
2. Recommended operating temperature: 140°C-170°C
3. You can consult to the manufacturer if carbonized in adhesive boxes or tubes. Or you can clean it by mineral oil below temperature 120°C.
4. Via adjusting the temperature to adjust adhesive density when coating.
5. Don't use it mixly together with other brand adhesive.
6. To avoid to be contaminted , you must close the cover immediately after adding hot melt adhesive to the tank.

Safety Precautions:

1. Workers should wear safety glasses and heat-resistant gloves when thermal operation like adding hot melt adhesive to the tank.
2. This product's operating temperature must be below 200°C at any time.
3. The use of premises should be well-ventilated and banned all open flames.


Store in a cool, dry environment and away from direct sunlight. Storage temperature should be below 35 ° C and far away from fire and heat source.

Guarantee period:

In the storage conditions described above, the hot melt adhesive can be stored for 12 months.

Packing: 25kg/ box, or customised packing


The proper use of hot melt adhesive involves a number of technical details, and its application object multifarious. So a preliminary test or trial use it is suggested if the materials to be adhered or the working condition changes, so as to ensure the applicability if products.

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