Hot Melt Adhesive for Various Applications and Industries

Hot Melt Adhesive for Various Applications and Industries

Product description:

Adhesive for Various Applications :
1. Strong Adhesion
2. Used for diaper, shoes, medical...
3. Good viscosity
4. Non-toxic

Owning to its outstanding property and environmentally-friendliness, Yuxiang hot melt adhesive is widely used in Hygienic products, bookbinding, glue traps, medical, crafts, automobile industry and so on.

Product name: Hot Melt Adhesive for Various Applications and Industries



Attachable Materials

Paper, metal, glass, nonwoven fabrics


Yellow , Transparent, white, black...


7/11/4.5cm, 8/10/6cm



Working temperature



25kg/ box, 0.45kg/ block

Having passed types of environmental testing including ROSH, 18 items of REACH and PASH, etc. This product is characterized by its complete environmentally-friendliness.


Adhesive for Shoes:

Adhesive for Bookbinding:

Adhesive for tapes:

Adhesive for Packaging:


Store in a cool, dry environment and away from direct sunlight. Storage temperature should be below 35 ° C and far away from fire and heat source.

Guarantee period:

In the storage conditions described above, the hot melt adhesive can be stored for 12 months.

Packing: 25kg/ box, 0.45kg/ block or customised packing


The proper use of hot melt adhesive involves a number of technical details, and its application object multifarious. So a preliminary test or trial use it is suggested if the materials to be adhered or the working condition changes, so as to ensure the applicability if products.

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