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Resettable fuse SMD1812P150TF / 24

Resettable fuse SMD1812P150TF / 24
  • Resettable fuse SMD1812P150TF / 24
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PPTC Principle

PPTC (Hereinafter referred to as fuses) made of a polymer resin matrix and conductive particles distributed in the inside of the composition, under normal circumstances, the conductive particles constituting the conductive path chain in the resin matrix, the fuse showed low impedance (a). Overcurrent circuit occurs, the heat flows through the fuse of a large current generated by the polymer resin matrix volume expansion, cut off the chain of conductive particles form a conductive path, leading to a rapid increase in the impedance of the fuse, and thus play a role in over-current protection circuit of ( b). troubleshooting, the resin re-cooling and crystallization, the volume contraction, the conductive particles form a conductive path again, returns to a low impedance fuse.
Resettable fuse parameters

Since the resumption of fuses in the selection process, mainly related to the following parameters

1. Hold Current ( Ih): 25 ℃ still air resistance without triggering the sharp increase of the maximum current.
2. Trigger Current ( It): 25 ℃ still air PTC polymer resettable fuse from the low resistance into the minimum current high impedance.
3. The maximum voltage ( Vmax): PTC polymer resettable fuse maximum operating voltage.
The maximum current ( Imax): PTC polymer resettable fuse can withstand maximum current.
5. Action Power ( Pdtyp):. At 25 ℃ ambient temperature of the power consumption of polymer PTC resettable fuse operation state.
6. operating time ( Ttrip): 5 times the maximum operating time keeping current.

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