Diy hair ornaments handmade materials | decorative bow accessories hair accessories fashion creative small plastic parts

Diy hair ornaments handmade materials | decorative bow accessories hair accessories fashion creative small plastic parts

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Momo Jewelry
  • Accessories Type: Other accessories
  • Color Classification: 605 # 604 # 602 # 601 # 600 #
  • Material: Plastic Gadgets
  • The price range: 0.01-0.99 yuan
  • Strange new: freshly baked
  • Item: 605 # 604 # 603 # 602 # 601 # 600 #

Momo Yiwu Jewelry Co., Ltd. All images are 100% real shot, you can buy

(Name): Plastic Pearl Chip

(Size): see specific size image

(Note): This one price

(Features): Small decorative accessories in the bow bow will be more beautiful

! Gadget uses very broad oh applicable to: headdress, costume design adornment, shoes and hats packing design, mobile phone decoration design, bag packaging design, Christmas gift packaging, toy packaging, jewelry / gift packaging, food packaging design, the company's products design packaging, cosmetic packaging, wedding decoration garland, wine packaging, moon cake packaging design and so on... only unexpected, not impossible, use your imagination and do it! (* ^ __ ^ *) ......

Note: The size of manual measurement error, can not accept the pro-please carefully shot Oh, thank you!

Please shoot before the ruler after comparing acquire under the right size, and then make a purchase. Thank you

Store all the pictures are 100% taken in kind, you can buy

Please shoot before the ruler after comparing acquire under the right size, and then make a purchase. Thank you

About Item:

Size: Please pay attention to see the size specifications, we recommend that you use gestures ruler feel about size, in order to avoid unnecessary problems.

Photo: shop all the baby are taken in kind, due to light and display reason, there may be a slight color error, please understand.

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Returns stated:

1. OUR baby are taken in kind, color, and imagination are not the same, and so on the grounds that the right size is not a quality problem. Note!
2, DIY stuff too fragmented, there is the case of the wrong goods or leakage of all do not send a replacement, a refund to more than 20 yuan of goods can be reissued, hope parents who understand!
3, if there are quality problems, please provide proof of your photos for amounts less than $ 20 refund to be higher than twenty yuan replacement.
4, replacement, under DIY related baby do not affect the secondary sales preconditions can be exchanged (webbing is not supported). Replacement, the buyer should bear the return and re-send the courier charges. Return, payable issued Shipping and 20% of the purchase amount as cargo handling costs. things too fragmented, sometimes a single catechism twelve hours, many goods can not be returned 2 times sales, please parents who understand.
5, please carefully consider the pro shot, photographed agree to the above terms.

6, can undertake sample custom mold to soil your confidential proprietary products, we no longer sell to others.

7, do not cut the ribbon type multi-shot, two meters above the ribbon may have joints without further notice.

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