NEW Dimmable LED Floodlight--HNS-200W

NEW Dimmable LED Floodlight--HNS-200W

Product description:

NEW Dimmable LED Floodlight-HNS-200W
No drive power supply 5 years quality guarantee
Nano heat dissipation technology

Code: HNS-200W
LED (PCS) : 222 PC Dual chip 5730SMD (No±)
Size (MM) : 453x323x187mm
Power (WATT) : 200W
Lumen (LM) : 100-110LM/ W
Color Temp (K) : 2700-8000K
Using life (Hours) : 50000-100000hours (Product life = the LED life)
Voltage (V) : 110/220-300VAC 50-60HZ
PFC: ≥0.8-0.95
Angle: 120° 180°
Led Temperature (25℃, surface temperature≤70℃ )
Dimmable: yes
IP: IP68

The Led Flood lights could be used in tunnel, metro, bus-station, underground parking garage, gym, square, advertising board , wide area lighting and architecture lighting and so on.
Please check whether the power supply is accord with the product before using the rated voltage

In lamps and lanterns, must shut off the power, to ensure safety
When lit lamp temperature, lamps and lanterns is not close to flammable items
Lamps or just the lights out, not by hand or skin touch lamps and lanterns
Do not use in the sealing occasions, to shorten the lamp life
Lighting of the ambient temperature, not more than 40 degrees C, so as to avoid failure
Before change the lamps and lanterns, must shut off the power, to ensure safety
Please to the professionals to install lamps and lanterns, in order to avoid electric shock