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Konjac seed

Konjac seed
  • Konjac seed
  • Konjac seed
Product code: 25008400001
Unit price: 12 CNY  (1.75 USD)
Price unit:
Minimum order: 10
Other info: 2000000KG Brown
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First, the son of konjac description:

1, species: konjac

2, sub (small) konjac Size: 5 to 20 grams

3, sub konjac seed price: 10 to 16 yuan kg price instability, with the market volatility may be.

4, to be kind of taro amount: Sparse 120 kg / mu, high density 180 kg / acre.

5, sub konjac yield: Minimum yield uncertainty, up to 1.5 tons to 2.5 tons of the key planting soil, climate, and people management techniques to determine.

6, Appearance: Like tadpoles have tails, Ziya leaves on a protective film.

7, budding rate: 98%

8, Age: 2 years

9, features: long-term development of more promising, more convenient transportation, planting the risk is relatively small.

10, power supply: 100 tons

11, Delivery time: 11 months to May next year.

12, guaranteed: no junk, no rot, no broken pieces, no germs quality, integrity assurance.

13, service: to provide technical guidance experience, anytime, anywhere for planting questions to answer are welcome to visit and learn, warm reception every friends from afar.

Planting instructions

1, fertilization: basal takes 1 to 2 tons of manure, fertilizer 40 kg / mu, potash 20 kg / mu.

2, konjac commodity prices: 4 yuan / kg (volatility by konjac quality and market supply and demand may be)

3, the main diseases: soft rot, southern blight.

4, effective prevention and control measures: lime disinfection, potassium permanganate disinfection, rich taro on the 2nd soil conditioner (Tips: konjac disease prevention only, non-treatment, the need to strengthen the management, there is a problem, the timely removal).

5, transport packaging: plastic baskets

6, Packing: 20 kg / basket