Yushchenko S-201B digital karaoke microphone

Yushchenko S-201B digital karaoke microphone

Product description:

product description:
This machine is a set of microphones, amplifiers, speakers, chargers, batteries, portable digital amplifier integrated mining

Digital module, low power consumption and high efficiency and can output up to 6W audio power

Megaphone Microphone with reverb and reverb level adjustable features built-in high-capacity lithium-ion battery lasting for

The product provides a high energy while reducing waste generation built-in MCU intelligent charging management system at the battery

Under safe and reliable mode charge and discharge charging only 6-8 hours, while up to 20 hours of continuous use flexible

Variety Peigua ways to adapt to different individual needs of users ergonomic product appearance, shape new

Ying, fashion supports MP3 playback, built-in FM radio module, automatic station search built-in rechargeable lithium battery.

Environmental protection, conservation, practical

Design beautiful, high quality, suitable for home, outdoor tourism, offices and other places, enjoy anytime, anywhere

Music by the ease for your computer, digital music players, cell phones and other audio-visual products to provide value for money perfect

Sound, feel happy and enjoy life.


Display) 4 8 digital display.

(Microphone function) into the microphone, there megaphone.
(MP3 player) directly play TF card or U disk MP3 files.
(FM radio) FM digital radio, the radio memory play.
(Recording function) can be inserted into a microphone outside the record, it can be recorded within direct (under LINEIN or FM recording mode).
(AUX audio input) with an audio cable, external audio input (LINEIN).
Track play (breakpoint memory) automatically remember the last exit.
(Rechargeable lithium battery) Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, environmental protection, conservation, and practical.
(Intelligent charging) delivery DC charger, direct access to DC charging interface.