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Yushchenko S-250A video | 4.3-inch card MP5

Yushchenko S-250A video | 4.3-inch card MP5
  • Yushchenko S-250A video | 4.3-inch card MP5
  • Yushchenko S-250A video | 4.3-inch card MP5
  • Yushchenko S-250A video | 4.3-inch card MP5
  • Yushchenko S-250A video | 4.3-inch card MP5
Product code: 25004800001
Unit price: 130-150 CNY
Reference price: 18.9-21.81 USD
Minimum order: 10
Other info: 120KG Black Red
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Specializing in the production of 4.3 inch video machine, multifunctional megaphone, card speakers, old radios, the old theatre. Priced at wholesale, dealer with the lowest price to our new and old customers; Authentic wholesale manufacturers, not the merchants and store a copy, and we can work together to reduce the agents. Distributors, wholesalers link, the price advantage, product advantage, and improve after-sales service, I believe that our hotel is a very good partner.

Performance parameter
1, the maximum output power: 60W.
2, frequency response: 100HZ~13000HZ.
3, s/n ratio: ≥ 75dB.
4, speaker impedance: 4 ohm.
5, voltage: 7.4V/2500MAH ( Lithium-ion batteries) .
6, power adaptor: output DC:9V/1000MA/50HZ (input AC:110-240V)
7, charging time: 6-8 hours.
8, the battery is fully charged continuous broadcast video time: 7-10 hours (speaking into a microphone about 15-20).
9, TF/USB media type
10, the receiving frequency of the radio 87~108MHZ FM signal.
11, radio 16DB noise sensitivity.
12, weight: 400g (including battery).
13, overall dimensions: 145X95X45MM.

Product introduction:
1, specializes in matching expansion of strong magnetic speaker output sounds clear, full, loud, high-fidelity may meet the broadcast space of 100~250 square meters.
2, large-capacity lithium-ion battery, remove your loading and unloading battery trouble, large capacity with a long and stable voltages advantages
3, special power-saving design, low power consumption, play sound long, fully meet Hello listening pleasure for a long time. Design of intelligent charging, the charging time, environmental protection, stability and safety.
4, audio input jack for an external computer/MP3/MP4/CD and so on.
5, housing made of ABS materials, durable, compact beautiful, stylish and elegant shaped mini light, waist-mounted design, easy to carry, suitable for guided tours, outdoor activities, public square, entertainment, promotions, etc.
6, LCD HD with a 4.3-inch TFT color display, TF/USB, FM, MP3, MP4, MP5 music and video file playback, radio/photo, e-book reading, playback, good audio effects.
7, battery life, LCD display.
8, support multi-language selection
9, recording function