Yushchenko STSA S-T95 radio | bass diaphragm portable

Yushchenko STSA S-T95 radio | bass diaphragm portable

Product description:

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Product Name / NAME: Portable Speaker / elderly Radio

Model / MODE: S-628

Brand:. SAST Yushchenko
This machine is a digital audio song.
Digital module, low power consumption and high efficiency and can output up to 3W of audio power
Built-in high-capacity lithium-ion battery durable, provide high power for the products, reduce waste generation
Built-in MCU intelligent charging management system, the battery is in secure mode discharge
Charging only 4-5 hours, and up to 10 hours of continuous use
Flexible variety Peigua ways to adapt to the individual needs of different users
Appearance ergonomic, innovative design, fashion
Support MP3 player, built-in FM radio module, automatic station search.
Rechargeable lithium battery, environmental protection, conservation, practical
Design beautiful, high quality, suitable for home, outdoor tourism, offices and other places, enjoy your music on the ease for your computers, digital music players, cell phones and other audio-visual products to provide value for money perfect sound quality, feel happy , enjoy life.

Inability to choose the color, please described in the notes on the purchase of colors, such as no description of the random issued oh ~

Color: red, blue