pvc Laser film

pvc Laser film

Product description:

1. General Introduction of Chinese xxx Film BOPP Holographic Film

Thickness: 12-200micron

Width: 300-1020mm

Length: 3000/5000M/ Roll

Color: transparent/ colored

Specification customized

2. Usage of BOPP Holographic film Laser Film

Gift wraps / Decorative/ Lamination with board & paper, It's widely used in all kinds of high grade packaging and wrapping, cigarette, wine, medicine, cosmetic, flower and other field depend on customer design.

3. Applications of Chinese xxx Film BOPP Holographic Film

(1) Paper and printing: After processing of pasting and printing the rainbow film, we can use them for printing products, stationery, gifts packing, color boxes, purchasing bags, greeting card and counterfeit trademarks.

(2) Textiles and ribbon: Rainbow film can be used in knitwear, high quality cloth and lace after cutting into strips, or coating on cloth which are made for dolls coats, stage screen or decoration, curtain, shop window, costumes, clothes, ribbon and color ball and so on.

(3) Plastics and artificial leather: Use for artificial leather, plastic, case, shoes raw materials, lampshade, helmet, shower curtain, window curtain, umbrellas raw materials, stage decoration and ribbon.

(4) Food and flowers packing: Variety packing of food such as candy, chocolate and flowers.

(5) Crafts and makeup's accessory: Use for gifts packing like wrapping paper and color boxes, flower packing, crafts materials, festival decoration, ribbon and color ball; The glitter color slices can be used for Christmas decorations or cosmetic and cloth art.