3d Hologram \laser anti-fake sticker

3d Hologram \laser anti-fake sticker

Product description:

Quick Details

  • Material: PET
  • Usage: Custom Sticker
  • Type: Adhesive Sticker
  • Feature: Holographic
  • Custom Order: Accept
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: LIDUN
  • Model Number: LD-P01040731
  • Color: Optional

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Cardboard box or in accordance with requests
Delivery Detail: 4-10 days


Hologram Sticker, Security Hologram, anti-fake hologram sticker, 3D Hologram, Dot Matrix Hologram, Hot Stamping Hologram. Laser labels

Our bisness

Plane and three-dimensional dynamic laser image plate, stickers trademark , Phone security code, serial number coding, double-kick left at the end, regular damage.

Laser anti-counterfeit printing and packaging

Variety of laser, holographic plate, special edition of OPP, PET, laser packaging materials and etc.

About our authorization

The commissioned printing unit of the security passes for CPC Security Department

Partners of service center of Chinese Anti-counterfeiting Technological Association

Member of Chinese security Industry Association

Member of Chinese Anti-counterfeiting Technology Association

Designated Trademarks Printing Manufacturer by the Chinese State

the first holographic technology enterprises identified by Guang Zhou Science and Technology Bearu

our andvantege

1. Plane level

three levels, a very strong sense of three-dimension.

2. Optical lens

One of our patented technology.

3. Four-dimensional holographic

what can be recorded is not only real portrait, scene, and the true color of hologram products , also the virtual three-dimensional graphics generated by computer software, such as moving light beam and so on.

4. Speckle holography

One of our patented technology . It has dynamic metallic luster.

5. Optical microfilm

Put the required contents to be miniature to a position in the pattern. Need to use more than 15 times magnifying glass to observe a scaling content clearly.

6. Laser Encryption

the hidden patterns can be showed only after irradiation by laser pointer.

7. Moore Encryption

There need a dedicated decoder chip to see the hidden patterns.

8. True Color

Return the oringnal color on the hologram, lifelike, and good anti-counterfeit effect.

9. Interference fringe

Use optics to record, stripes are crisp and clear, excellent visual effect, completely unable to reproduce.

10. Dynamic effects

regular dynamic effect With the change of perspective, beautifully and attractively.

11. Pattern transformation

Two different patterns overlap in a pattern, color changes with the observing angle, two patterns flicker.

12. Digital Coding

Code will be playing in the surface or bottom.

13. Telephone Code

The code produced by us is much clearer

14. Reflection hologram

it can give a true reflection of objects within the three-dimensional features.

15. Words left after riving

After tearing a invisible laser logo left.

16. Hot stamping

More obvious metal color than any other company in China

17. water vanished , color changing when heating

18. burning white by laser

19. Damage the law

Riving the labels, there are clear words or periodic geometric patterns left on the stickers .

20. Dot Matrix Hologram

Excellent surface brightness. Superior dynamic visual effects.

21. Three-dimensional lattice

realize in the virtual space on the real three-dimensional display, the plate-making technology is our first patent in the world.

22. True three-dimensional

Strong three-dimensional sense, both for the anti-Counterfeiting and beautification .

Common Features of Hologram Label:

1. hologram sticker
2. Rainbow hologram
3. Packaging sealing strip.
4. Rolled hologram labels.
5. Multi-channel hologram label.
6. Multi-colors and layers hologram
7. Transparent / translucent hologram label
8. Texture anti-counterfeiting label.
9. Anti-fake ID card, certificate, ticket.
10. Tamper evident hologram label.
11. Hot stamping foil.
12. Safety water mark.
13. Gravure texture security label.
14. Texture anti-counterfeiting hologram label. 12. Bar code with serial number.
16. Comprehensive anti-counterfeiting product
17. Self-adhesive sticker.
18. VOID tamper evident sticker.
19. Relief hand-feeling line.
20. Magnetic sensitive.
21. Paper money texture.
22. Scratch-off card, label.
23. Hologram masters and labels (2D, 3D) .
24. Micro-text hologram label
25. Coupling encryption.