Conqueror new tachograph with an electronic dog radar speed camera high-definition three-998H

Conqueror new tachograph with an electronic dog radar speed camera high-definition three-998H

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: CONQUEROR / Conqueror GPS-9 ...
  • Main lens aperture: F2.8
  • Brand: CONQUEROR / Conqueror
  • Model: GPS-988H
  • Package: official standard Package II
  • Image Resolution: 1080p
  • Camera pixels: 12 million
  • Camera pixels: 500 million
  • Number of cores: Dual-Core
  • Screen Angle: 120 °
  • Recorder Installation Type: Detachable
  • Running out of memory: None
  • Number of shots: a single-lens
  • color: black
  • Screen size: 2.0 inches
  • Function: Stop monitor impact sensor fixed speed mobile speed limit sign reminders

Conqueror GM998H is a 'blue poly nuclear core' (ie polyethylene core module is fully integrated multi-core multi-threaded program processing system, to break the bottleneck, so that the whole operation speed and distance to receive a qualitative leap!) Generation of poly-nuclear cloud enhanced version of the phased array radar technology, frequency measured tail POP enhance the 9th generation radar waveguide having a Interval velocity function , The performance of similar products.
Conqueror 998H with POP radar detection function that can detect instantly boot speed. With interval speed warning function and VG2 and the specter of anti-anti-speed warning function.
Conqueror 998H + electronic dog tachograph machine conquerors also use this Phased Array Radar Parents can Baidu phasor phased array radar which will undoubtedly make conqueror performance 998H sensitivity accuracy than ordinary civilian radar more than 30-50 percent improvement is undoubtedly the industry leader in electronic dog Conqueror 998H integrates conquest are currently the new technology, laser offset frequency measured tail enhanced version, built-poly nuclear cloud technology, jointly developed with the United States Bell radar waveguide, poly nuclear cloud technology plus a combination of phased array radar is far more computing speed 64G hopping, plus the United States Bell radar sensor technology, making computing, search star speed, and radar detection range farther for domestic emerging handheld laser speed, very good sensitivity, the laser gun to solve intractable problems.
Conqueror 998H due to improvements in chip technology, a lot of people will be shocked to see the kind of exquisite workmanship and compact size, indeed, this is a mature model. 998H can detect the current flow, fixed radar signals, including the new evidence radar eyes, sparks, digital radar, police eagle three generations, matrix radar speed gun hand signal can alert flow, fixed radar, is a generic model. 360-degree detection, poly nuclear cloud, phased radar, radar frequency measured tail strengthen capabilities, timely adjustment according to band radar sampling monitoring band, the domestic mobile speed radar coverage .
Conqueror 998H is a nationwide data Including Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, northwest five provinces and all this all electronic eye data other provinces and cities nationwide. Remind the conqueror and series models, if it is special emphasis on 'National Edition' then the default coastal version of the factory data, such machines, to Xinjiang and other places, can not be used, and only focus on building models at the factory will be poured into the country version of the data (since the memory size limit, not all models are band national data)!