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Serial Numbering hologram stickers, hologram self-adhesive sticker

Serial Numbering hologram stickers, hologram self-adhesive sticker
  • Serial Numbering hologram stickers, hologram self-adhesive sticker
Product code: 24899200001
Unit price: Price Negotiable
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
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Quick Details

  • Material: PET
  • Usage: Custom Sticker
  • Type: Adhesive Sticker
  • Feature: Holographic
  • Custom Order: Accept
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: LIDUN
  • Model Number: LD-12267
  • Size: as request
  • Color: wood grain , golden , silver, fiber drawing , aluminized etc.
  • Thickness: 7-50microns
  • OEM or ODM: available
  • Certificate: SGS
  • Surface treatment: varnishing or film lamination

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Cardboard box or in accordance with requests
Delivery Detail: 8-10 days


1. Screen printing, Transfer printing, hot stamping
2. Widey use
3. high tech good quality
4. competitive price

Serial Numbering hologram stickers, hologram self-adhesive sticker


Serial numbering hologram sticker
1) Short delivery time
2) Serial number, same number, random
3) Low MOQ


This sample

You can


Serial umbering hologram sticker









Normal: PET, PVC

One-off material:

'VOID and Honeycomb destruction:

Fragile Paper & egg-paper':



Red Blue Green Magenta Silver Golden


Holographic techniques

Multiple channels;

3D model; 3D background;

Crystal photochemical;

Dot-matrix & Dot-matrix line;

Dynamic effect;

Gibbous effect;

Hidden text & Laser encryption;


Micro text; Morse text;

Raster effect & Raster text;

Random texture;

Speckle effect;


White effect


Other techniques

Numbering & Serial number;

Open code;

Orientation coating glue;

Scratch off strip;

Signature strip;


Special edge;




Normal master

Dot-matrix master

3D master






Paper Box



Min: 0.6cm*0.6cm

Max: 15cm*15cm


1) Normal:

PET, PVC, transparent or opacity, many colors for you.

2) One-off material:

3) VOID and Honeycomb destruction:

4) Fragile Paper & egg-paper':

5) Reflective hologram material:

It is typically used for mobile phone batteries.


Please contact us to get more colors.

Holographic techniques:

1) 2 channels & Multiple channels:

Different perspectives, different image.

2) 3D model

A true stereo model with true color.

3) 3D background

The image is below the altitude.

4) Crystal photochemical

It looks like a hill crystal.

5) Dot-matrix & Dot-matrix line:

Full dynamic pattern, the patterns changing is gorgeous.

6) Dynamic effect:

They look like many colourful scroll ribbons.

7) Gibbous effect & 3D text:

It looks like gibbous text, such as relief.

8) Hidden text & Laser encryption;

You can use of laser pens to make the text representation.

9) Lens & Water droplets;

They look like a lot of arch of small water droplets.

10) Micro text:

They are tiny but clear texts, you can use magnifier to watch them.

11) Morse text:

You can use of special decoder to make the text representation.

12) Raster effect & Raster text:

It's rainbow pattern, its brightness is high.

13) Reflective hologram:

It's special 3D hologram, it is seen at any angle.

14) Random texture:

It looks like the texture of wood.

15) Speckle effect:

It has dynamic metallic luster.

16) True-color:

We use of holographic techniques to restore colors.

17) White effect:

White hologram.

Other techniques:

1) Numbering & Serial number:

Each sticker has same number or different numbers.

2) Open code:

The code will be seen when you tear off the sticker.

3) Orientation coating glue:

A place no glue in a sticker.

4) Scratch off strip:

A scratch off strip in a sticker.

5) Signature strip:

A signature strip in a sticker. You can sign it.

6) Silk-screen:

Silk-screen pattern for your sticker.

7) Special edge:

We use of laser cut to make special edge.

Master type:

1) Normal master:

All the holographic techniques except:

3D model;

Dot-matrix & Dot-matrix line;

Gibbous effect & 3D text;

Reflective hologram;

Speckle effect

2) Dot-matrix master:

All the holographic techniques except:

3D model;

Reflective hologram

3) 3D master:

All the holographic techniques except:

Reflective hologram

4) Reflective master:

Only Reflective hologram.