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Supply all kinds of high quality hot stamping paper, electrochemical aluminum, hot stamping material

Supply all kinds of high quality hot stamping paper, electrochemical aluminum, hot stamping material
  • Supply all kinds of high quality hot stamping paper, electrochemical aluminum, hot stamping material
Product code: 24882600001
Unit price: 40-50 USD
Price unit: Per piece
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Quick Details

  • Application: Paper
  • Material: PET
  • Type: Electrochemical aluminum hot stamping foil
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: lidun
  • Model Number: hot stamping foil for paper-1010
  • Color: Gold, silver, red, blue, green, black, white
  • Specification: According to the customers requireme
  • Certification: ISO9001: 2000, SGS
  • size: 64CM* 120M (mm)
  • Processing customized: yes
  • The thickness of the: 12um (mm)

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Inner packing: 1roll/ plastic bag Outer packing: 10rolls/ box, or as requested
Delivery Detail: 7~14Days


hot stamping foil for paper
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Hot stamping foil for paper

Product introduction:

Electrochemical aluminum, also known as hot stamping paper or hot stamping foil, it is made in polyester film (PET) and coated on the surface of multilayer coating chemicals (and the aluminum layer) . Polyester film thickness is usually 12 micron, in which the role of the coating is the adornment effect and control performance of the electrochemical aluminum, different coating is suitable for the different base material. Aluminum layer by reflective principle to create metallic electrochemical aluminum, aluminium wire is under the condition of low vacuum after high temperature melting sublimation condenses to form into the binders.

Electrochemical aluminum hot stamping foil is in paper, printing ink, plastic, wood, leather, paper, cloth, such as surface decoration of choice for all kinds of colors and text materials. Figure in sparkling clear, beautiful, bright colors, and wear resistance, weather resistance.

Product application forms:
Class paper hot stamping: very hot in different paper and coated on a variety of hot stamping foil (gold, silver, red, blue, green, black, white) , laser foil, widely used in cigarette case, wine box, greeting CARDS, calendars and other paper products

Cloth kind of hot stamping: can provide different material with different design class, is dedicated to offering the function such as water resistance, high temperature resistant film.

Plastic class hot stamping: (1) used in cosmetics packing: PE hose, PP bottle caps, ABS bottle, glass coating, etc. (2) electronic plastic hot stamping paper: on the shell surface plate, mirror, lampworking light Jin Liang silver foil and other similar products.

Leather bronzing/ wood hot stamping: choose different electrochemical aluminum different substrate.

Product specifications:
M1500mm 640 mm x 120 x 3000 m, can be customized according to customer requirements

Method of use:

Hot stamping temperature: 95-135 °C

Hot stamping time: 0.4 0.7 S

Please choose according to different stamping base material and design different models of tipping paper hot stamping and hot conditions for try. Hot stamping surface integral of three, one is the hot stamping small strokes (small area) ; 2 it is 6 * 6 mm hot stamping on the spot (universal) ; Three is 10 * 10 mm hot stamping on the spot (area) .

Storage precautions:
Stored under normal temperature, moisture, pressure, prevent bask in.

Laser tipping paper hot stamping material used in the iron box, cosmetics box, gift boxes, packing boxes, calendars, etc. , bright color and price concessions, quality assurance. Dominant in the market, welcome the new old customer consultation. Thank you very much.