Plastic type tipping paper (electrochemical aluminum) ultra low-cost sale not limited sales

Plastic type tipping paper (electrochemical aluminum) ultra low-cost sale not limited sales

Product description:

Quick Details

  • Application: Hot stamping in all walks of life
  • Material: PVC, pvc
  • Type: Generic, Electrochemical aluminum hot stamping foil
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: LD
  • Model Number: 56646
  • size: 64 x120 measures how (mm)
  • The thickness of the: 15 um (mm)
  • Processing customized: is

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Customer's requirement
Delivery Detail: 3-10 days


1: Ultra low-cost sale not limited sales
2: Factory direct sales
3: Technical lead, quality

Standard specification: 0.64 x120m (can be customized according to customer request, for example: 240 meters/ roll, 360 meters/ roll, etc.)
Number is introduced
First English for color categories. G. Kim s. r. silver red GR. BE green. Blue. BK black p. rose c. bronze CF. Coffee
Hot stamping paper features: the best temperature is 95-135 degrees, hot stamping, please according to the different hot stamping to select different types of base material and design
Try hot hot stamping paper.
Hot stamping area which is divided into three kinds, one is hot stamping small strokes (small area) ; 2 it is 6 * 6 mm hot stamping on the spot (universal) ; Three is 10 * 10 mm hot stamping on the spot (area) .
Hot stamping paper storage precautions: under normal temperature storage, moistureproof, prevent pressure, prevent bask in.

1) hot stamping base material: cardboard, ShuangJiaoZhi, woodfree printing paper and coated paper.
2) suitable areas: printing and packaging
3) applicable conditions:
4) must be according to the stamping materials, select the appropriate hot stamping foil and hot stamping technology.
5) must have good temperature hot stamping process.
6) recommended hot stamping parameters: 95-130 oc; Usually takes around 50 oc after hot stamping temperature, insulation aging for 12 hours.