North-bats D2E D2F USB wired computer PC360 android Naruto Monster Hunter game handle rocker

North-bats D2E D2F USB wired computer PC360 android Naruto Monster Hunter game handle rocker

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: BETOP / North through BTP-2126
  • Brand: BETOP / North -
  • North through the handle: BTP-2126
  • Wireless: Wired
  • Applicable: android platform
  • Color Classification: D2E D2E Lynx customized version of Box Version D2F night Midnight Edition
  • Handle features: shock
  • Interface Type: USB

friendly reminder: North-average bat not support Microsoft XBOX360 game console

Package Contents

North through the bat handle a

A User's Manual

Sharp Android Smart TV because of their own reasons, do not support the North through any type of handle.

Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas is not shipped, please know!

Quality issues Shipment answer : Replacement handle a month, half a year warranty. Products are determined under the objective of failure, 7 days we bear the return shipping, If it is returned to the buyer where the first advance the postage, after confirmation, we will follow the standard hit Taobao shipping insurance buyers Alipay in eight days -Within one month of their commitment to buyers and sellers sent me postage.

Gamepads Other answers: Not every game supports handle (Such as CS, Warcraft, playing mahjong, etc. are not supported) The handle is a passive device, only under the premise of the game support, can play a function handle. Of course, you can also use other keyboard mouse emulation software Such as : Flash excellent handle on the game itself does not support simulation Youku video has excellent use flash video teaching, are interested can take a look.

Cross direction key direction questions: North-bats DE / DF handle cross Eight direction arrow keys design, if the cross direction keys to control direction, so that when you control the character direction, if the intensity to upper or lower side of the case will have a left lower left upper right lower right circumstances, such as suited recommended joystick control character direction!

Android devices FAQ: Android 4.0 or more systems with at least one USB slot (such as Android phone, you need the support OTG function OTG data line and since the purchase), with only the most basic conditions of the above conditions, it does not necessarily mean you can use. Some third-party hardware companies (such as: music, as the TV) will often change or upgrade their own hardware system procedures can result before the back can not be used, this is not what we can control, please known.

friendly reminder: Do not open the handle warranty period, otherwise it does not give to the official warranty! (See factory specification)