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Manufacturers custom waterproof adhesive label printing | blank self-adhesive labels | adhesive labels

Manufacturers custom waterproof adhesive label printing | blank self-adhesive labels | adhesive labels
  • Manufacturers custom waterproof adhesive label printing | blank self-adhesive labels | adhesive labels
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Price unit: Per piece
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Printed form: by request Color: Custom Thickness: Custom (mm)
Use glue type: by request Custom processing: Material: pvc sticker, shredding, paper, pvc
Shape: square, rectangular, circular, oval, irregular shape, custom Use Backing: by request Long-term temperature resistance: Custom (C)
Model: lidun-66 Specifications: according to customers requirements Scope: by request
Tensile strength: by request Elongation: Custom

Guangzhou shield of security Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, set the research, development, application, and development as one of the high-tech business scope: digital security, laser security, encryption security, laser microfilm word decoding lithography laser marking anti-counterfeiting, laser marking hit serial number, lithography washing foil security, fluorescent security, optically variable security, chameleon, temperature change (touch variant) security, water dripping disappeared security, change the word counterfeit version of profiling, shredding security standard, laser bronzing security scratch style, foil security film, security paper, watermarks, texture anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeit paper threading custom, yin and yang, security film opened (after tear) stay in character, nuclear security, security ticket, a price ticket, non-carbon paper notes, magnetic tickets, stickers, certificates, documents and other types of security. I highly difficult security and development, condensate difficult print my professional fixed telephone inquiries, free 800 telephone inquiries, SMS, Internet inquiries you specify.

Shield of the company according to your requirements for your product tailored to all types of anti-counterfeit labels, such as anti-counterfeit labels, stickers, security certification, quality cards, lottery prize promotions, etc., for your organization's anti-counterfeiting, brand helping to protect;. I have a professional design studio, can provide you with free professional and meticulous service by purchasing power shield anti-counterfeit labels, your organization can be realized without additional investment in product counterfeiting, brand protection, force shield to ensure that relevant security products production and distribution of security and confidentiality.

Buyers only need to provide the material requirements + specification + quantity + color number + model, I plant can immediately offer to you.

(Stickers brief), also known as self-adhesive label materials sticker, based on paper, film or special material for the fabric, the back is coated with adhesive to silicon-coated protective paper for the end of the paper a composite material by the use of surface materials often divided into: copperplate paper, transparent PVC (transparent adhesive), laser paper, writing paper, gold paper, silver PVC (dumb Yinlong, Consumers Yinlong, bright Silver Dragon).

(Price Description) Specific production price is based on your custom sticker material, size, quantity, shape, color and other factors to determine the quantity, rather than fixed! Specific price please send your request to tell the Division I, I plant for You offer.