Security Label with Hologram\laser Anti-fake Stickers

Security Label with Hologram\laser Anti-fake Stickers

Product description:

Quick Details

  • Material: PET
  • Usage: Custom Sticker
  • Type: Adhesive Sticker
  • Feature: Holographic
  • Custom Order: Accept
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: LIDUN
  • Model Number: LD-P01040578
  • Color: Optional

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Cardboard box or in accordance with requests
Delivery Detail: 4-10 days


Hologram Sticker, Security Hologram, anti-fake hologram sticker, 3D Hologram, Dot Matrix Hologram, Hot Stamping Hologram. Laser labels

Produced by Guangzhou Lidun Anti-Counterfeiting Co. , Ltd. , the leading firm with international standard in China , making anti-fake card, ticket, adhesive label, hologram label, master, hot-stamp foil, hang tag.

Our service:

1. Customized design
2. Laser technology
3. Various holographic images

4. High quality and competitive price
5. Fast shipment
6. Anti-counterfeiting sticker
7. Make the products more attractive
8. Multi-channel, 2D/ 3D, 3D hologram, Micro-text, hidden message, interference image, holographic rainbow raster, demetallized, true color, dot matrix, laser security, serial number and etc

9. Covert features can be added to increase security, including microtext, consecutive number.
10. Various sizes, materials, colors, surface finishing and shapes
11. Short deliver time

12. Beautifully bright and clear, clear protection is easy to see through.

Features of Hologram Label:

1. Multi-channel hologram label. 2. Anti-fake ID card, certificate, ticket.
3. Packaging sealing strip. 4. Dot matrix hologram label.
5. Rolled hologram labels. 6. hologram sticker

7. Multi-colors and layers hologram 8. Transparent / translucent hologram label
9. Reflection hologram 10. Customized design.
11. Rainbow hologram 12. Self-adhesive sticker.
13. Tamper evident hologram label. 14. Encryption hologram , Mole encryption.
15. Hot stamping foil. 16. Bar code with serial number.
17. Hologram masters and labels (2D, 3D) . 18. Micro-text hologram label
19. Coupling encryption. 20. Color-changing.
21. Pattern transformation 22. Texture anti-counterfeiting hologram label.

23. Self-adhesive sticker. 24. VOID tamper evident sticker.
25. Relief hand-feeling line. 26. Magnetic sensitive.
27. Safety line. 28. Paper money texture.
29. Three-dimensional lattice hologram label. 30. Optical microfilm
31. Scratch-off card, label. 32. Safety water mark.
33. Gravure texture security label. 34. Dynamic effects
35. Texture anti-counterfeiting label. 36. Comprehensive anti-counterfeiting product

Our advantages:

1) Crystal photochemical: It looks like a hill crystal.
2) 3D model: A true stereo model with true color.
3) 3D background: The image is below the altitude.
4) Morse text: You can use of special decoder to make the text representation.
5) Dot-matrix & Dot-matrix line: Full dynamic pattern, the patterns changing is gorgeous.
6) Dynamic effect: They look like many colourful scroll ribbons.
7) Gibbous effect & 3D text: It looks like gibbous text, such as relief.
8) Hidden text & Laser encryption: You can use of laser pens to make the text representation.
9) Lens & Water droplets: They look like a lot of arch of small water droplets.
10) Micro text: They are tiny but clear texts, you can use magnifier to watch them.
11) True-color: We use of holographic techniques to restore colors.
12) 2 channels & Multiple channels: Different perspectives, different image.
13) Plane level : a very strong sense of three-dimension.
14) Interference fringe : anti-duplicating and scanning.

15) Water vanished: when you drop some water on the label, the words or the patterns would disapper.

16) Burning white by laser

17) Aavanced hot stamping tech with international ctandard

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