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India 2D\3D hologram Tickets product security

India 2D\3D hologram Tickets product security
  • India 2D\3D hologram Tickets product security
Product code: 24833400001
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Price unit: Per piece
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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: LIDUN, OEM
  • Model Number: LDTS-0178
  • material: coated paper
  • size: 12.5*5.5mm; 210*297mm
  • MOQ: 100000pcs
  • certificate: SGS
  • surface treatment: varnishing or film lamination
  • Printing Type: debessed, embessed. Offset Printing
  • Delivery Detail: 4-7 workdays

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Cardboard box or in accordance with requests
Delivery Detail: Delivery is available within a week after whole payment.


2hologram tickets with hidden metal wire like RENMINBI
Code can be printed as client's request

produced by Guangzhou Lidun Anti-counterfreiting Co., Ltd.

1 hot stamping ticket

2water mark ticket

3floral group tickets

4color-changing tickets with hologram

5hologram tickets with metal wire

2D/ 3D hologram Tickets with Hidden wire

a metal wire is hidden in the tickets like Chinese REMINBI, you only can see it when the tickets is ture, hign anti-fake, never can be copied

as the biggest ticket manufacture in china , we have the most high-tech as the above , water proof, laser tech , with hologram hot stamping , never can be copied .

material: high qulity coated paper

printing: 4/4 offset printing

surface treatment: varnishing or laminate

craft: scratch off panel, pin code, secret number, Micro-text, confusion pattern, McGreen

package: depends on the cards

samples: available

production dates: around 7-10 days

delivery: sea, air, express

delivery terms: 30%prepaid before manufacture, balance against copy BL

Common Features of Hologram Label:

1. Hologram masters and labels (2D, 3D) .

23. Packaging sealing strip.

2. Digital Security stickers

24. Dot matrix hologram label.

3. Tamper evident hologram.

25. 2D/ 3D hologram label.

4. Rolled labels.

26. Multi-channel hologram label.

5. Dot matrix hologram label.

27. Hang-tag.

6. Multi-channels hologram label.

28. Rainbow hologram label.

7. Hologram label with illusion light effect

29. Self-adhesive sticker.

8. Special die-cutting label

30. Tamper evident hologram label.

9. Hologram with running numbers.

31. Encryption hologram label.

10. Multi-colors and layers hologram label.

32. Hot stamping foil.

11. Hologram with scattering light rays effect.

33. Scratch-off card, label.

12. 3D hologram with dynamic effect..

34. hologram Micro-text sticker

13. True color hologram label

35. Gravure texture security label.

14. Flip-flop hologram label

36. Light-revealable hidden image.

15. Low frequency hologram label

37. Hologram masters and labels (2D, 3D) .

16. Color-changing hologram label

38. hologram Micro-text.

17. Rainbow hologram label

39. Coupling encryption.

18. Interference fringes hologram label.

40. Color-changing.

19. Micro-text hologram label

41. Texture anti-counterfeiting label.

20. Hiding image hologram label

42. Bar code with serial number.

21. Comprehensive anti-counterfeiting product.

43. Self-adhesive sticker.

22. Anti-fake ID card, certificate, ticket.

44. VOID tamper evident sticker.

we are authorized by SGS