DLTXCN Electric multifunction electric pen test pencil test electric pen LED electrical tools GSY telescopic high voltage test

DLTXCN Electric multifunction electric pen test pencil test electric pen LED electrical tools GSY telescopic high voltage test

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: East Portland Electrical
  • Model: GSY type 0.1-10KV
  • Suitable for: high pressure
  • Electronic and Electrical Product Type: Contact

GSY Telescopic type pressure electroscope based on needs of the domestic electricity sector, to learn the advantages of various types of domestic and foreign electroscope based on the latest successful development of sound and light double instructions electroscope, examine the electrical sensitivity, from the sun, noise, inside provided micro-power integrated circuits, long standby time, wide temperature range, with full-circuit self-test function, EMC design and shielding measures so electroscope safe and reliable. The shell is made electroscope ABS Native engineering plastic injection molded, retractable insulated operating rod epoxy insulation rod manufacturing, integrated head lever to use for easy storage. GSY Type high-pressure electroscope advanced product design, rational structure, complete and reliable performance, easiest to use, is the current domestic and international power industry ideal replacement, power plants, substations, industrial and mining sectors necessary electrical safety equipment.

2, the use of methods and precautions
Before (a) use of electrical equipment to be examined according to the rated voltage level, select the appropriate voltage electroscope.
(B) before the self-test electroscope examine the electrical response test, use III When type. Shall also hold the self-test conductive metal switch and shock probe, examine the electrical indicator showing an intermittent oscillating sound and light signals, then prove electroscope performance intact, electrical inspection can be carried out, then you can pull the telescopic insulating rod to carry out inspection electrically operated, hand can not exceed the prescribed safety ring, electroscope charged body contact and level contact shown, can emit an intermittent audible signal indicating that power, or that without electricity.
(Iii) replace the battery. Unscrew electroscope cover, you can replace the battery. This product is an electronic circuit to automatically shut down, and even long-term standby signal input is open, no signal will automatically shut down, power consumption, often without change battery. so use AG13No. oxygen silver battery 4Tablets, voltage 6VSelf-test can not consider replacing the battery when the audible signal.
(D) To ensure the safety of persons and equipment, according to electrical safety requirements for regular preventive tests. According to electrical safety regulations [industry] provisions electroscope examine the electrical operation on the electrical equipment should comply with electrical safety regulations performed before preventive tests, visual inspection should be carried out when the electrical inspection found that the housing indicator of a defective insulating rod obvious defects such as cracks is not suitable for preventive tests, should be sent to replace.

3 product categories: folding electroscope, a rotary-type electroscope electroscope pocket

4. Applications: indoor and outdoor rainless weather