Intel / Intel 730K 240G SSD solid state drive 730 530 s3500 240g

Intel / Intel 730K 240G SSD solid state drive 730 530 s3500 240g

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Intel / Intel 730K 240G
  • Hard drive capacity: 240GB
  • Interface Type: SATA 3
  • Size: 2.5 inches
  • Service: Genius
  • Brand: Intel / Intel
  • Intel SSDs: 730K 240G
  • Condition: New
  • Packaging volume: 0.2
  • GW: 0.2

This hard drive model 730 K without the Lynx because incorrect information can not be changed · ~

Please also alerted the seller

With no distinction between K without K, only packaging differences, Intel has 2 730 box that says one is above 730 K 730 product is actually one is SSDDC2BP240G401 730 product itself are no different

730 not only reiterated 730K

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Intel sale contact telephone (available warranty): 8,008,201,100 (landline) 4009202200 (mobile)

Intel ® SSD 730 series performance has been fully released inherited the lineage of the data center, and to optimize the performance of third-generation Intel controller, by the factory tuning components combined gene data center, Intel ® SSD 730 Series delivers outstanding performance.

To optimize performance
Intel ® SSD 730 Series is configured specially verified third-generation Intel controller and 20nm NAND optimized firmware, can bring you the most outstanding computing experience. Through the implementation of these components factory overclocking, Intel in turn store limit one step further, pushing the performance limits, speed controller and NAND bus speed increased by 50% and 20%. Intel SSD 730 series for the most demanding tasks of optimization, including digital content creation, video capture / edit, extreme games and other clients use, can significantly improve storage performance for users with a superior experience and efficiency. applications that can benefit from reading the 50ps delays of up lOPs random 550MB / s sequential read and 89,000 read.

730 Series + Intel ® Rapid Storage Technology - stunning performance
Digital content creation professionals and computer enthusiasts know, RAID-0 configuration for maximum storage performance, because the SATA interface SSDs can saturate. Compared with monolithic optional SSD, RAID-0 array of two 730 series SSD in the same capacity under the circumstances would nearly double the performance as shown below, RAID-0 configuration of two SSD 730 series, with the support of the Intel rapid storage technology Intel platform, enabling over 1000MB / s throughput. also, with Intel ® platform based chipset, RAID-0 array of four 730 series SSD achieve performance over 1500MB / S's.
Intel Data Center DNA = extremely long durability and

Intel ® SSD 730 Series also provides excellent durability to meet the most demanding client requirements. 5 years up to 70 GB per day to support the amount of write (in the industry, this amount is usually written as 20 GB), can help digital content creators and computer enthusiasts peace of mind to deal with daily work, helping them to ensure that workloads and game equipment reliable operation in single-disc and multi-disk RAID array, the Intel SSD 730 series can bring to market the client better consistency of performance. Intel's advanced firmware algorithms to help Intel SSD disk in the entire life cycle, providing 'data center' level of efficiency and reliability.

Product Highlights
• To achieve a leading client storage performance designed and optimized for Intel ® SSD Architecture • Intel Data Center genes can be all types of data to provide consistent performance and client storage provides extremely long durability • Intel ® Rapid Storage as technology, combined with 730 series, providing top performance handling the most demanding workloads storage