GREE GMV-P inverter multi unit

GREE GMV-P inverter multi unit

Product description:

GMV-P inverter multi unit

Modern multi-connected home space Gree air-conditioning unit GMV GMV-R series includes a digital variable-capacitance multi-connected air conditioning units, GMV-J intelligent multi air conditioning units and GMV-P inverter multi air conditioning units can be widely applied in different sizes, different uses , commercial establishments, office environment, multi-linked air conditioning unit combines easy installation and central air-conditioned comfort, luxury and split air conditioners, flexible, and other advantages, the indoor unit can be more flexible combination unit using intelligent distribution system and cold temperature control system, with a strong self-test function and long-distance communications easy lines, installation, testing, repair and maintenance.

A system of high reliability
1. The use of a full set of high-quality refrigeration parts, each part of the system a good match.
2. GMV system unit by a long-running tests, can maintain stable operation.
3. The advanced microcomputer control system, a powerful self-diagnostic function.
The excellent performance of insulation materials.
5. Multi-level energy regulation, energy regulation were similar according to the actual load, low-energy-efficient, cost.
II. Super Intelligent Control
1. GMV system by each indoor unit electronic expansion valves constantly adjust the indoor temperature fluctuations is maintained between the set temperature ± 0.5 ℃.
2. GMV system uses advanced high temperature and pressure sensitive network control system combined with intelligent temperature control technology.
3. Strong cooling / heating function, a direct transfer of energy refrigerant system and intelligent temperature control.
4. Intelligent Network cold distribution system.
III. Frequency more contact column precise frequency control
1. The compressor automatically adjust the frequency from 20HZ to 120HZ any point, precise control of the operation capacity.
2. Inverter compressor flexible start, high-frequency operation, it can quickly reach the set temperature. After reaching this temperature, it will be sensitive to environmental changes to adjust the compressor speed, to reduce energy consumption.
3. GMV inverter system microcomputer controller, using FUZZY control algorithm, precise and quick.
IV. Digital Multi-link capacity adjustable column advanced compressor technology
1. GMV system capacity modulation using new digital scroll compressor technology, by changing the compressor unload / load ratio from a range of 10% -100% of capacity stepless adjustment.
2. PWM digital capacity control of the compressor through a pressure control solenoid valve orbit scroll and the fixed scroll of the clutch, in order to achieve the purpose of unloading / loading.
3. GMV system to maintain a high energy efficiency at part load operation.
4. GMV system remains stable for long periods of continuous operation under load 10% of cases.
5. The load factor according to the operation of the outdoor unit number and capacity of the indoor unit is controlled automatically.
6. The variable displacement compressor has better electromagnetic compatibility, no electromagnetic interference.
V. efficient use of space and installation
1. GMV is a refrigerant system, a direct transfer from the refrigerant pipe cold. Relative to the conventional secondary refrigerant system, GMV without bulky supporting systems and complex pipeline design, installation and maintenance more convenient.
2. GMV system without a dedicated room, can save a lot of space for other purposes, to maximize the benefits of the expansion of the owners.
3. Simple piping and wiring systems, portable indoor / outdoor unit, just a small number of installers in a very short period of time you can easily complete the installation, saving installation costs.
4. lightweight outdoor unit so you can even use an elevator in the building were carrying. The outdoor unit running small vibration, floor without additional reinforcement.
5. The outdoor unit can be flexibly mounted either balcony, roof and floor, you can save space, without affecting the appearance of the house.
VI. Powerful self-test function and long-distance communication lines
1. GMV fault display system has a powerful query capabilities, significant savings in time and cost of maintenance services.
2. GMV digital multi-connected remote wiring system can be 16 indoor and outdoor units in series, the longest communication distance of one kilometer. Communication wiring indoor unit and outdoor unit is simple, easy to avoid wiring errors.
VII. Remote monitoring capabilities
1. After the unit is installed remote monitoring system, remote monitoring central air conditioning units running in the control room high-rise building or intelligent building, the main control and monitoring to achieve two functions.
2. You can control a variety of operating the air conditioning unit, check the current parameters and historical parameters of the air conditioning unit.
VIII. A combination of flexibility and freedom of the indoor unit
1. The maximum total capacity of the indoor unit outdoor unit capacity can reach 135%. A single outdoor unit can connect up to sixteen indoor units.
2. Press the uses and characteristics of each room's decoration, you can use different forms of indoor units of different capacities, so harmonious and beautiful interior decoration; indoor units can be connected to the courtyard, Wall, air duct type and floor type.

No. Machine type name 2010 ex-factory price
Inverter multi Contact column
1 AC inverter multi outdoor unit GMV-P280W2 / D Please call: 13910873668
2 GMVL-P280W2 / D Please call: 13910873668
Modular multi-frequency contact column
1 Module inverter multi outdoor unit GMV-Pd450W / Na Please call: 13910873668
2 GMV-Pd400W / Na Please call: 13910873668
3 GMV-Pd335W / Na Please call: 13910873668
4 GMV-Pd280W / Na Please call: 13910873668
5 GMV-Pd224W / Na Please call: 13910873668

GMV-P frequency multi-unit GMV-P frequency multi-unit GMV-P inverter multi unit