Hailin RC5002/RA5002 series wireless thermostat

Hailin RC5002/RA5002 series wireless thermostat

Product description:

RC5002/RA5002 series wireless thermostat overview RC5002/RA5002 series wireless thermostat with wireless transmission technology, and can be composed of multiple wireless thermostat RC5002 sending a signal to RA5002 from RA5002

Receive signals and the implementation of related instruction, as well as to provide feedback on the results back to the corresponding wireless thermostat, bidirectional wireless transmission, with high reliability; During installation, no wires to save time costs. Widely

Used to control equipment such as floor heating water collectors.

Product features • stylish, easy to operate • no cabling, cost savings • bi-directional communication, high reliability • long transmitting distance • interactive wall-mounted boiler product features • in-room

Setting and display temperature Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature conversion • temperature protection • temperature calibration • alarm • low voltage communication malfunction alarm technology

Indicator thermostat (RC5002) ·

Power supply: DC2.7~3.3V (2 AA1.5V alkaline battery) • sensing element: thermistor • temperature setting range: 5~35℃ • temperature display range: 0~50℃ (32~99 in China

) • Temperature precision: ± 0.5 ° c • dimensions: 140*94*27mm • operating environment: 0~45℃ 5~95% RH (no condensation) actuator (RA5002) • power supply:

AC90~260V 50/60Hz •

Output: relay output power: AC220V 2A (resistance load) AC220V 1 a (inductive load) • power consumption: 2W • dimensions: 116*98*65mm • operating environment: 0~45℃ 5~95% RH (no condensation)