RAD ASMI-52 / ETH / 2W RJ45 Ethernet cat

RAD ASMI-52 / ETH / 2W RJ45 Ethernet cat

Product description:

ASMi-52, ASMi-52L

2/4 wire SHDSL modem

Compliance with ITU-T G. 991.2 standard and ETSI 101524 SHDSL

2 line data rates up to 2.3Mbps, 4 lines of 4.6Mbps

Extended range to 10 kilometers (6.2 miles)

Reliable operation at low quality or noise on the line

The LRS-24, DXC, MP and used in conjunction with third-party devices

10 / 100BaseT E1, T1, V. 35, X. 21, RS-530, and with a bridge or router: ASMi-52 user port options

ASMi-52 multiplexer version with two user ports, integrated V. 35 / X. 21 / RS-530 data on the SHDSL line, 10 / 100BaseT port and built-in switch

ASMi-52L version provides a single V. 35, X. 2110 / 100BaseT user ports, or four 10 / 100BaseT port with built-in switch

Automatic configuration and quick and easy installation

Managed via SNMP, Telnet or ASCII terminal

Alarm relay port (only ASMi-52)

Slide metal shell version ASMi-52 in line with EN50121-4

ASMi-52 can also choose to dual / quad modem cassette version, mounted on the LRS-24 19 inch rack

ASMi-52 and ASMi-52L modems use TC-PAM 16 line coding SHDSL technology to extend the distance between the digital interfaces. These devices offer longer distances and at different rates over 2-wire up 2.3 Mbps, four line up 4.6 Mbps.

ASMi-52 multiplexer version

High-end ASMi-52 models with multiplexer features, including two user ports it can in a single SHDSL line transmission V 3 5 / X 2 1 / RS -... 5 3 0, 10/100 BaseT LAN and E1 services combinations of data, the maximum data rate of 2.3 Mbps. Prices are more application advantages ASMi-52L version for only a single user port choices.

ASMi modems 2 lines and 2 Mbps data rate transmission distance of four kilometers (2.5 miles) at a speed of 4 transmission lines faster. They support the user interface may choose E1 and T1, V. 35, X. 21 , RS- 530 data, Ethernet bridge, and IP router choose ASM i -. 5 2 L also comes with an optional four 10/100 BaseT user ports with a built-in switch All models are compatible with 2/4 line relay. , such as RAD's S-RPT, for longer distance applications.

They can also work with RAD's LRS-24 chassis, DXC and Megaplex SHDSL modules. Local and remote devices can be monitored by monitoring ports, control and diagnostics. Standards compliance enables the ASMi modems and third-party support SHDSL standard TDM equipment.

ASMi-52 can be used as a standalone unit or as a 19-inch box card LRS-24's, with central SNMP management.

ASMi-52 as well as the metal chassis to choose from, it can be easily installed on industry-standard compliance with EN 50121-4 standard rail rack.

Manage Connections standalone device through:

- By V. 24 / RS-232 using the SLIP protocol

- Band Ethernet port (only ASMi-52)

- Use the E1 / T 1 port dedicated time slot (only ASMi-52) SHDSL multi-service bearer