High Quality Swaco Mongoose Shale Shaker Screen

High Quality Swaco Mongoose Shale Shaker Screen

Product description:

Steel frame screens are mostly applied to the shale shakers with wedge fastening equipment. The screen frames adopt that high-strength square steel tube welded to multi-ribbed construction. These screens are constructed with two or three stainless steel layers bonded to a steel support plank. Accessory rubber plugs may be used to repair rips or tears. By doing this, we can cut down time and reduce the production costs. We can supply steel frame screens with mesh sizes ranging from 20 to 250

Features of Steel Frame Screen

1.Different layers with different density. To arrange these layers reasonably and exactly, the screening effect will become more and better.
2.High strength frame, multi-ribs and the mesh cloth with moderate tension , from one reliable combination , which can increase screen's acceptable flow , the intensity and the lifetime
3.The wedge-shaped fastening device, can make the erection of screens more handily and quickly 4.The mesh divided into many independent small units by grids of the backing plate , can prevent rips or tears from spreading overmuch. Accessory prepared rubber stoppers can be used to repair damage. By doing so, the operator can cut down the stop time and reduce the cost.

Mongoose series screen is spare part for Mongoose series shale shaker from M-I Swaco. At Apple shaker screen, there are common pre-tensioned steel frame screen and composite frame screen. Composite frame screen have longer service life, better appearance, and convenience on operaion. Both steel frame and composite frame screen have main parameters as below.

Swaco Mongoose Series Screen
DimensionLength: 1165mm (45 9/10')
Width: 585mm (23')
WeightSteel frame: 13kg (28.6lb)
Composite frame: 12kg (26.4lb)
Screen layer2 or 3 Layers
Wire mesh materialS.S304 , S.S316 (Customizable)
Frame materialCarbon steel, Composite material