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Supplying 4L large capacity transparent blue water droplets FM ultrasonic humidifier | cheap can be OEM!

Supplying 4L large capacity transparent blue water droplets FM ultrasonic humidifier | cheap can be OEM!
  • Supplying 4L large capacity transparent blue water droplets FM ultrasonic humidifier | cheap can be OEM!
Product code: 24757500001
Unit price: 62-63 CNY
Reference price: 9.02-9.16 USD
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color: blue Rated voltage: 100 ~ 240 (V) Operation: Mechanical
Applicable area: 31-40 square meters Water tank capacity: 2.6-4.0 liters Fog port number: 1
Water power protection: Support Noise: 36db or less Rated power: 25 (W)
Model: HTJ-2027 Timing function: no time Brand: Honetian
Rated frequency: 50 (HZ) Function: Anion Product Specifications: 213 * 213 * 340
Power Source: AC Shape: Pear

Supplying Clear Blue 4L capacity ultrasonic humidifier cheap! Can OEM

Model Model: HTJ-2027
Power Power (W): 25
Voltage Voltage (V): AC
Capacity Capacity: 3.8L
Fog amount Humidity Control: 300ml / h
Type: Ultrasonic Humidifier Type: Ultrasonic Humidifier

Package dimensions peckgae (MM): inner box inner box213 * 213 * 340
Carton outer box660 * 445 * 360 (6PCS)


1. ultra-quiet

2.3.8 liter capacity

3. The filtered water features

4. adjust the amount of fog

Air humidity is too low hazards:
• Hu absorption system defenses are weakened, colds.
• prone to static electricity, causing human discomfort and damage to the computer, and other equipment.
• easy to skin muscle fiber deformation, fracture, resulting in wrinkles.
• Human proper humidity is 40-65%.

Anion effect:
• produce reactive oxygen species: negative oxygen ions can effectively activate the oxygen molecules in the air, making it more active and more easily absorbed by the body, effectively prevent air conditioning disease.
• Improve lung function: After absorbing negative oxygen ion, lung can absorb oxygen, and emit more carbon dioxide.
• promote metabolism: activate the body a variety of enzymes, promote metabolism.
• enhanced disease resistance: the body can change the response capability, active reticuloendothelial system function, enhance the body immunity.
• Improve Sleep: negative oxygen ions, can be uplifting, work efficiency, but also improve sleep, a significant analgesic effect.
• bactericidal function: negative ion generator in a large amount of negative ions will also produce small quantities of ozone, the two are combined more easily adsorbed viruses, bacteria, to produce changes in the structure or energy transfer, resulting in his death.
• fresh air, smoke and dust: negatively charged anion and floating in the air with smoke and dust positively charged electrode and to natural deposition Dust sterilization to reduce environmental health hazards of passive smoking more effectively visible. .
• protective effect: the television, the computer's high-voltage electrostatic, in front of a layer of protective layer effectively reduce the negative ions television, computer-generated high-voltage electrostatic damage to the eyes, effective in preventing myopia, while reducing dust damage to the TV and computer.

The benefits of using the humidifier:
Humidifier water atomization using a variety of ways, to make room to maintain a high humidity, and produce a certain amount of natural negative oxygen ions, treat and mitigate influenza, hypertension, bronchitis and other diseases, and the nervous system, cardiovascular system and the body's metabolism play a protective role.