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Photo Frame Wall Lined Paperboard Mounted 7 "10" 12 "16" 18 "20" 24 "28" 30 "

Photo Frame Wall Lined Paperboard Mounted 7 "10" 12 "16" 18 "20" 24 "28" 30 "
Product code: 24740100030
Unit price 0.24-1.6$
Sold quantity 222715
Available stock 252834

Product parameters:

  • Brand: right hand side
  • Size: Please select the same size as the frame
  • Item No .: kaz
  • Color Category: long 6 inch long 7 inch long 8 inch long 10 inches long 12 inches long 14 inches long 16 inches long 18 inches long 20 inches long small 24 inches long 24 inches long 24 inches above square 7 inches square 8 inches square 10 inches Square 12 inch square 14 inch square 16 inch square 20 inch square 24 inch A3 A4 8K 4K
  • Image frame type: Paper jam
  • Shape: shaped
  • Material: Paper jam
  • Style: simple and modern
  • Whether with a picture: No

Photo frame is the frame of the paperboard liner is an optional accessories, referred to as cardboard, also known as paperboard liner cardboard. Photo frame, photo wall dedicated white jam

Cardboard with the same size frame the same order at the time of purchase free postage Because single or a small number of large - size cardboard packaging is difficult and easy to damage, generally not recommended to buy separately.

Specifications: 7-inch and above dimensions (7-inch smaller box below, not suitable for adding cardboard).

Use: Picture frame plus cardboard, 'Plus cardboard display size' and 'Photo frame itself can be put photos size 'between the size of the photos can be used.


1, frame plus cardboard, the three-dimensional will be better, richer level, the overall effect is better;
2, the cardboard is alkaline, with a photo to prevent discoloration, to maintain the role of photo drying;
3, the photo frame plus cardboard, the release of the photo before the cardboard is generally smaller than the size of 2-4

4, Photo frame, photo wall matching applicable

5, custom card can not be returned

6, the store all cardboard thickness of 1 mm

7, custom cardboard please contact online customer service

To purchase, please follow the price in the above table to shoot enough quantity, note the size can be.