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Horizontal Plug lights 9w10w11W12W13wled led Horizontal Plug lamp G24 led plug lamp lateral light

Horizontal Plug lights 9w10w11W12W13wled led Horizontal Plug lamp G24 led plug lamp lateral light
  • Horizontal Plug lights 9w10w11W12W13wled led Horizontal Plug lamp G24 led plug lamp lateral light
Product code: 24739100001
Unit price: 43-45 CNY
Reference price: 6.26-6.55 USD
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power: 9-13 (W) light source: 5050
Luminous flux: 880-980 (LM) Input voltage: 220 (V)
size: 164 * 35 (mm) shell material: aluminum
Protection class: IP60 Types of: LED Horizontal Plug Light
model: LYH-HC LED Number: 45-64
Brand: Liang Yu-hao Light color: Warm white is white

Product composition: cup, masks, aluminum plate, lamp beads power

Material: cup body heat aviation environmental quality superconducting aluminum, base flame retardant PBT materials, V0 class fire

Diffuser: high transmittance glass nebulizer mask (Kuang casual / transparent /)

Surface treatment: Green anodized

It can be equipped with base: E27-G24 (can be rotated 90 degrees -180 degrees)


1, green: no ultraviolet and infrared spectra, little glare, no pollution, no mercury and harmful gases, cold light source, safe touch, typical of the green lighting;

2, unique shell shape, surface appearance, electrostatic oxidation treatment, superconducting hot aviation aluminum lamp body, heat-resistant, high temperature, UV resistance, heavy blow, and low power consumption, small size and easy installation, projection angle range .

3, life, solid cold light source, epoxy resin, light body and no loose parts, there will be the traditional filament light bulbs produced by easy to burn, heat deposition, the light fades and other phenomena; entire lamp assembly modeling, heat in one, no UV, no heat radiation, high luminous efficiency, energy saving and long service life, reaching more than 50,000 hours

4, can be direct current (AC) high and low voltage power supply for voltage AC: 85-265V, safe and reliable performance can replace 3-5 times the other traditional lamps, can also be used as a small power outdoor lighting equipment.


1. High brightness, low power

2. The cooling effect: heat dissipation structure patented technology, fast heat dissipation;

3. No flash: will not damage the eye;

4. Color temperature adjustable: The lamp according to the Chinese people's living habits design, color temperature comfortable, but also can adjust the color temperature according to user needs;

5. high color: Color reproduction is good, clear vision to see objects without distortion.

6. Environmental protection: do not contain mercury, lead, no UV, not cause harm to humans, do not pollute the environment;

7. Long life: the normal life of more than 50,000 hours, even if frequently switch will not affect product life.

The main scope of:

Fields Bar, leisure clubs, cafes, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, home, office, showrooms, counters, outdoor decor, schools, hospitals, etc.