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10Wcob plug lights | high-quality and cost-effective 10W Horizontal Plug lights | 10Wcob lateral lights

10Wcob plug lights | high-quality and cost-effective 10W Horizontal Plug lights | 10Wcob lateral lights
  • 10Wcob plug lights | high-quality and cost-effective 10W Horizontal Plug lights | 10Wcob lateral lights
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Power: 10 (W) Source: COB Luminous flux: 900 (LM)
Input voltage: 220 (V) Dimensions: 152 * 35 (mm) Housing material: Aluminum
Protection class: IP60 Type: LED Horizontal Plug Light Model: 10Wcob Horizontal Plug lights
LED Number: 1 Size: 139 * 40mm Brand: Liang Yu-hao
Light Color: White Warm White

10WCOB Horizontal Plug lights 10WCOB plug lights

1. High heat dissipation: COB (Chip On Board) patented technology, low thermal resistance, high thermal conductivity, using the low-power chip package directly to rapid cooling aluminum plate, small chip area, high thermal efficiency, drive current.

2. No glare eye protection: Professional design, no ghosting (Avalokitesvara) No glare, uniform distribution of soft light, closer to the traditional lamp.

3. Long life: Electric separation, to meet life of more than 35,000 hours, more than 2 years product warranty.

The high color: color (CRI) of up to 72 or more.

5. A large area of ​​flux: Light emitting angle of 120 °, light per watt ≥90lm, does not require a secondary optical design.

6. Color temperature, surface shell and sizes can have more selective: 3000K-7000K has a matte and transparent surfaces to choose from square dimensions:. 152 * H35MM trapezoid / oblique lip Size: 155xH35mm Round Size: 139 * 40MM

7. High assurance: Horizontal Plug lights using dedicated power to ensure product life and efficiency of (Horizontal Plug lights isolation dedicated power: power factor) 95% efficiency) 85, the error rate is very small)

In general, LED lighting will need to install a diffusion sheet, on the one hand to suppress glare, on the other hand the light more evenly, but this will cause loss of light effects. Shenzhen Liang Yu Hao Photoelectric Co., COB surface light source used to break up the focus is not suitable for the shortcomings of traditional LED indoor lighting, let us also be no obstacle lighting into the interior lighting.

Horizontal Plug lights use:

Supermarkets, bars, hotels decoration, home lighting, light fixtures, engineering lighting, parking lot restaurant, cafes, clubs, windows, showrooms, art hall, museum and other household commercial lighting


1. Before installation, cut off power to prevent electric shock!
2. This light should be avoided in the heat and hot steam, corrosive gases, so as not to affect life expectancy.
3. Make sure the installation location before installation can withstand 10 times the weight of the product. Installed in no vibration, no swing, no fire hazards flat place.

The lighting control system is designed to be used by the engineer in the lamps marked working conditions, or after use typical
When the color-changing effects, you can achieve the most optimized LED life. Beyond the scope of long-term work marked, LED lifetime will reduce intake in extreme cases, internal light source component malfunction