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5wCOB cross lamp | 5WCOB plug lamp

5wCOB cross lamp | 5WCOB plug lamp
  • 5wCOB cross lamp | 5WCOB plug lamp
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Power: 5 (W) Luminous flux: 420-480 (LM)
Input voltage: 220 (V) Size: Square size: 124*H35MM ladder/oblique mouth size: 127*H35MM round: 100.2*40MM (mm)
Shell material: Aluminum Protection class: IP60
Efficiency: More than 85 Type: Cross LED lamp
Model: LYH-1305 LED: 1
Brand: Liang Yu-Ho Light color: White warm white

5WCOB horizontal plug lamp 5WCOB plug lamp

1. high heat dissipation: COB (Chip On Board) technology, low thermal resistance, high thermal conductivity, using low-power chips quickly on the package directly to the aluminum plate heat sink, small chip size, high thermal efficiency, drive current.

2. no glare eye protection: professional design, no ghosting (Avalokitesvara), glare-free, uniform and soft light distribution, much closer to the traditional lamps.

3. long life: electric separation, more than 35,000 hours of met life, product warranty 2 years.

4. color: the color rendering index (CRI) of up to 72 per cent.

5. large fluxes: light beam angle of 120 °, light per watt 90LM, does not need a second optical design.

6. color temperature, surface shell and size could be more selective: 3000K-7000K matte and transparent surfaces to choose from. Square size: 124*H35MM ladder/oblique mouth size: 127*H35MM round size: 100.2*40MM

7. guarantee: transverse light power to ensure the life and efficiency of the products (horizontal isolated lamp power: power factor) 95%, efficiency) 85, minimum error rate)

In General, the proliferation of LED lighting needs to be installed, to inhibit glare on the one hand, on the other hand makes the light more evenly, but this will effect causes losses to light. Shenzhen yuhao photoelectric limited COB surface light source was used to break through the traditional disadvantages of focus LED is not suitable for indoor lighting, our indoor lighting lamps can also be entered without any obstacles.

Horizontal lamp uses:

Supermarket shopping malls, bars, hotel decoration, home lighting, luminaire, lighting engineering, car park, restaurant, cafe, Club, shop Windows, exhibition hall, the Office for the arts, museums and other home lighting


1. cut off the power supply before installation to prevent electric shock!
2. the lamp installed in the heat and steam should be avoided, place of corrosive gases, so as not to affect life expectancy.
3. before installation to ensure that the installation location can handle up to 10 times as long as the weight of the product. Installation in no vibration, no swing, no flat parts of the fire hazard.

4. the lamp is designed by engineers in the lighting control system of marking work under the conditions of use, or use typical
Color changing effect when you can optimize LED life. Long-term work beyond the scope of mark, will reduce the LED life. In extreme cases, the internal light source components will fail.