PAR20 lamp | Par 20 lamp | High quality PAR20 | PAR20 lamp Low

PAR20 lamp | Par 20 lamp | High quality PAR20 | PAR20 lamp Low

Product description:

Power: 4 (W) Packaging process: SMD Luminous flux: 450 (LM)
Input voltage: 220 (V) Size: 60 * 87 (mm) Housing material: Aluminum
Lamp Specifications: E27 Type: PAR20 Weight: 80 (g)
Model: LYH-020 LED Number: 4 CRI: more than 70
Brand: Liang Yu-hao Color temperature: 3000-6500 (K) Can Dimming: No
Light Color: White Viewing angle: 15-90 (degrees) Lifetime: 50000 (H)


High Power LED PAR20 Spotlight Product attributes:

Product Name: High Power LED PAR20 Spotlight;

Model: YG-DPAR20A-5W;

Light source: high power 1W LED;

Current: 350mA

Luminous flux: white 400LM, warm white 350LM, red 150LM, yellow 150LM, green 330LM, blue 90LM;

Product size: 60 * 85mm;

Light color: red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white (optional)

Lighting Material: Aluminum;

Operating voltage: AC110V / AC220V (optional);

Beam angle: 30 °

Working temperature: -25 ℃ ~ 65 ℃;

Protection grade: indoor use only;

Working life: 50,000 hours;

Key Features:

1, high-quality light sources: using a special process and the latest technology imported semiconductor package LED light source, high brightness;

2, high optical efficiency: almost all concentrated in the visible light spectrum efficiency, there is no ultraviolet and infrared, so no heat and radiation, optical efficiency up to 80% -90%, while the remaining light is only 10% -20%;

3, good light transmission: transparent no-shrinkage acrylic optical lens, the illumination angle can be achieved (15 ° -90 °), the focusing effect of light Zhu shape, its unique optical technology to ensure better light transmission and longer High luminous flux;

4, energy saving: to ensure brightness while saving compared with traditional incandescent more than 80%;

5, long life: Under normal conditions, life of up to 50,000 hours, equivalent to 50 times that of traditional incandescent lamp, 5-10 times more energy-saving lamps;

6, low fever: solid cold light source, epoxy resin, heat a small;

7, high color: Color reproduction is good, clear vision to see objects without distortion;

8, not damaged: Light body with aluminum manufacturing, enough enough style texture;

9, Health and Environmental Protection: LED light source pollution-free materials, mercury, lead, no UV, not cause harm to humans.

10, constant current driver: a unique isolated constant current output driver circuit, over-temperature protection, short circuit protection to ensure its high efficiency and stable working conditions;

11, started fast: start without preheating, millisecond rated brightness is reached, no flicker and operating noise, and excellent switching characteristics, switching operations do not affect the service life.