CobPAR20 spotlight | PAR30 lamps | 4/5/6/7/8/9Wcobpar kPa 20 lights

CobPAR20 spotlight | PAR30 lamps | 4/5/6/7/8/9Wcobpar kPa 20 lights

Product description:

Power: 456789 (w) Packaging: COB Flux: 360-810 (LM)
Input voltage: 220 (v) Size: 60*87 (mm) Housing material: aluminum
Lamp specifications: G5.3 Types: PAR20 Weight: 80 (g)
Model: LYH-208 LED: 1 Color rendering index: more than 72
Brand: Yu hao Color temperature: 3000-6500 (k) Please: no
Light colour: warm white, cool white Beam angle: 38 and 40 (degrees) Life expectancy: 35000 (h)

COB par par light

Specializing in the production of a variety of COB LED par par light manufacturers, product specifications complete, PAR38 PAR30 MR16, GU10, E27 of diverse types and specifications, you name it. Customers can also request processing.

Product appearance rough, excellent quality, are widely used in:

1, store displays, shop Windows, hotels, restaurants and other indoor decorative lighting; Exhibition Hall, art Hall, museums, offices, reading rooms, local lighting; Discos, bars, card OK atmosphere lighting; Jewelry, gold and silver jewelry and fashion lighting;

2, local lighting: corridor, bathroom, garage, parking lights, factories, residential security lights, security lights, night lights, led, use night lights in the bedroom, not a night light.


• 1000 hour energy efficient consumption only 0.8 degrees

• Extremely long service life up to 100,000 hours

• No ultraviolet and infrared light healthy light, does not produce radiation

• Green do not contain toxic elements such as mercury and lead, and facilitate recovery and utilization

• Protect your eyesight DC drive, no Flash

• High efficiency heating of small, 90% power into visible light

• Safety factor required for high voltage, low current, heat is small, does not create a security risk and can be used for mines and other dangerous places