Mining shed light chandelier lighting with fins PAR56led | E40 lamp holder 36W PAR56 lamp Fins

Mining shed light chandelier lighting with fins PAR56led | E40 lamp holder 36W PAR56 lamp Fins

Product description:

Power: 36-50 (W) Packaging process: SMD Luminous flux: 3600-4000 (LM)
Input voltage: 220 (V) Size: 173 * 205 (mm) Housing material: Aluminum
Lamp Specifications: e40 Type: Power Weight: 300 (g)
Model: PAR56 LED Number: 36 CRI: more than 70
Brand: Liang Yu-hao Color temperature: 2700-6500 (K) Can Dimming: No
Light Color: Warm white, white Viewing angle: 180 (degrees) Lifetime: 50000 (H)

A fin LED Spotlight Technical parameters:

. Fin count: 0.5mm x 50 片
. Cooling area: 5544CM²

Support Power: 36W-50W

Available cap: E27 / E40

Product Dimensions: Φ173 x 209mm

Second, the fin LED Spotlight features:
1, Fin, attractive appearance, easy to scratch.

2, multiple lamp, multi-angle beam angle choice, you can do the dimming effect, adjust brightness, as necessary to meet the lighting of different occasions.
3, small size, light weight, easy to install.
4, one imported lens, high luminous efficiency, external light beautifully!

Third, the fin main advantages of high-power LED spotlights matching source:

1. High luminous efficiency 100 ~ 120lm / W
2. Low heat radiation
3. Good color rendering CRI) 70Ra (White)
The light color uniform, bright vivid colors
5. Within the entire useful life, a constant current power supply
6. Long service life) 38,000 hours, economical and durable.
9. striking lighting, common color temperature: warm white 2700-3200K, white 6000-6500K, natural white 4000-4500K

Fourth, the fin LED Spotlight Application:

Widely used in jewelry, diamonds, silver, crystal kind of jewelry store, art hall, bar, boutique counters, cabinets, boutiques, sports shops, galleries, optician, art hall, jewelry exhibition hall, hotels, cafes, wine, etc. lighting.

Fifth, Product Note:
• This product is recommended use of ambient temperature -40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, if this limit is exceeded, will adversely affect the life of the product;
• This product is recommended for indoor use, and if used outdoors must do a good waterproofing measures to avoid damage to the lamps.