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Aluminum shell bulb led bulb led bulb high quality ultra-cheap Bulb

Aluminum shell bulb led bulb led bulb high quality ultra-cheap Bulb
  • Aluminum shell bulb led bulb led bulb high quality ultra-cheap Bulb
Product code: 24725700001
Unit price: 13 CNY  (1.89 USD)
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Power: 8 (W) Luminous flux: 500 (LM) Input voltage: 220 (V)
Size: 60 * 120 (mm) Shell material: Aluminum Protection: IP68
Type: LED Horizontal Plug Light Model: LYH-QPD5 LED Number: 10
Size: 60 * 120mm Brand: Liang Yu-hao Light Color: White

LED Bulb

1, the high overall luminous efficiency: Up to 85 lm / W;

2, high safety factor: All products are self-developed high efficiency isolated internal power supply, power input voltage ≥4000V, the output terminal voltage is less than 36V, which can effectively avoid the risk of electric shock;

3, high power factor: power factor up to 0.96;

4, good heat dissipation, long life, ≥50000 hours: using self-developed thermal conductivity, thermal patented technology, the temperature of the lamp beads PN section and power supply key components at a reasonable range, for example 5W bulb temperature ≤ electrolytic capacitors 65 ℃ (at 25 ℃ ambient temperature), while the use of independent research and development and production of drive power, higher efficiency and matching, so that the lamp life by more than 50%;

LED bulb comparative advantage

1, energy, and money: because of the high LED luminous efficiency, strong direction, visible light ratio is high, so in the case of the same ground to meet the illumination, LED bulb energy than incandescent 90%, than the 'energy saving lamps' energy-saving 50% ; during the life, replace incandescent total cost savings ≥82%, namely ≥1503 yuan, the annual return on investment ≥150%, replace ordinary energy-saving lamps the total cost savings ≥50%, ie ≥300 yuan, annual ROI ≥ 50%;

2, long life: up to 50,000 hours, 50 times of incandescent, energy saving lamps' 15 times;

3, green: no mercury and other harmful substances, and the 'energy saving lamps' contains about 25mg of gaseous mercury;

4. Health: LED does not contain UV, effective lighting to avoid damage to the skin (such as: freckles);

5, do not lead flies: LED light band, insects can not detect, and therefore can effectively reduce the intrusion of insects;

6, no delay, no strobe: LED lights opened that light, and there is no flicker in the course of their work, can effectively protect the eyes.